KPT Event #4 Results

Yesterday was the kushmoney poker tour event #4 and there wasn’t a lot of poker players that entered the event. The event was pretty cheap as always to get into. $2.25 buyin, and the event was held on reefer poker. I want to say thank you to this online poker room. You guys/gals rock. Like the last event, the was only had 3 poker players.

I want to say thank you to the 3 poker players that entered the event.

  • AcctBreaker
  • TheBigDirty
  • lathersrule

Since it was only 3 poker players joined the tournament. The prize pool was only $6. First prize was $4.20 and second was $1.80.

This time I did not get to watch the tournament. Nothing serious stop me from watching it, I was just sleep. Well needed sleep at that. I logged into reefer poker and look at who won.


Next KPT event is on June 6th, 2009. You can enter the next event today, Registration is open until 3pm ET June 6th,2009. The next event is on the poker room full tilt poker. The password is kpt5.

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