KPT Event #1 Results

Yesterday was the kushmoney poker tour event #1 and there wasn't a lot of poker players that entered the event. I kind of knew the first event wasn't going to be big. The event was pretty cheap to get into. $2.25 buyin, and the event was held on reefer poker. I want to say thank you to this online poker room. You guys/gals rock.

I want to say thank you to the 4 poker players that joined the first event of KPT. Not in any order.

  • AcctBreaker
  • TheBigDirty
  • steveo11oo7
  • tommyj3

Since it was only 4 poker players joined the tournament. The prize pool was only $8. First prize was $5.60 and second was $2.40.

These players took it very seriously and played their heart out. I watch every hand of this tournament. AcctBreaker and TheBigDirty pretty much had this tournament from the beginning. But then TheBigDirty was the first one out by the hands of AcctBreaker, then steveo11oo7 is knockedout by the hands of AcctBreaker, and finally tommyj3 goes down by the hands of AcctBreaker.

AcctBreaker won 1st place raking in $5.60
tommyj3 won 2nd place raking in $2.40

Kushmoney Poker Tour Event #1 Results

Next KPT event is on May 16th, 2009. You can enter the next event today, Registration is open until 3pm ET May 16th,2009. The next event is on the poker room reefer poker.

If you not a member of this poker room, you should join today. Make your first deposit, and hop into the kushmoney poker tour. Put your poker skills to the test and show the world what you are made of. Remember, I will interview the winner if he or she contact me. So if you are a blogger, this could be a great way to make some money and get your blog noticed. I have over 100 subscribers and over 1,000 twitter followers. Play the best sport in the world, make money, and get you & your blog notice.

Also don't forget to discuess the KPT in our official KPT forum and facebook fan page.

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