Borgata 포커 블로그 – 돈이 얼마나 나는 애틀랜틱 시티에 데려 와야한다 1 하루?

Bring whatever you don't mind spending. 몇 백 달러는 일반적으로 한동안 지속될 것이다 $5-$10 손, but sometimes you'll lose that in an hour (이). 당신은 너무 빨리 잃는 일 경우, 당신은 언제나 주위를 걸 수 있습니다, & 드롭 20 또는 비디오 포커 기계에서 두 (that'll last you an hour), or just watch whomever you're with play. By the time you play in your two poker tournaments and have dinner, you won't have to kill that much time playing blackjack, so just take whatever you're comfortable with losing. $550 or so will be plenty ($240 for poker, the rest for blackjack) but if you only feel like spending $100 at the blackjack table it's not like there's nothing else to do.

I don't think you'll find any blackjack tables for under $15 at the Borgata, and on weekends if its crowded you may need to play $25 손. I may be wrong, because I haven't been at the Borgata in awhile. Bally's advertises some $10 tables at all times (in the Clairidge). You definitely won't find a $5 table in Atlantic City except possibly on a weekday morning when the casino is empty.

I'm not sure what you mean by a sit-n-go, but I will assume you are just risking $240 and will take an hour or two for these. Figure another hour or two for lunch and/or dinner. So lets say you'll be playing $15 a hand blackjack for 6 시간. I don't think that $500 is enough if you're not doing well (assuming you lose $240 on the sit-n-gos you only have $260 remaining). 가장 가능성이 $1000 will be enough, and if you are doing bad you can take some breaks in between or spend more time at lunch and dinner.

i would say stick with the poker if you think your skills are there. Really dont see why anyone would play blackjack knowing the more hands they play the more likely they are to lose money. I would say you bring a thousand and if your more comfortable with the sngs then play those but if you can find a 1/2 cash game the fish there are sooo nice. Hell even the so called regulars at these tables are easily manipulated, but there will be a few you dont want to get tangled up with. Really observe the table when you sit down just seeing everyones table presence will tell you alot.

With poker it can be opposite depending on your knowledge and skills and your opponents

If you're going for that long of a time, I would say bring at least $500 그러나, have $1000 to be safe. My best friend always brings several thousand ($3k for example) to be sure when we play for long periods of time. Unless you're a really, good blackjack player, you'll be tapped out sooner than you think. 굿럭.

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