Knowing When To Stop Playing!

A lot of new poker players have a problem stop playing poker when they are losing all night. Most new poker players tell themselves I will win back my money then stop. I can play again tomorrow.

The problem with this thought process is you may not win back what you lost. If you on tilt then just clam yourself. Stop playing poker for the night. Do something else to take up your time.

What To Do When You On Tilt?

In times like these, its a perfect time to sit down and just read some poker books. Remember, knowledge is power. So read as many poker books as you can and become a powerful poker player.

Once you done reading your poker book. Talk with other poker players on poker forums or poker social networks. There is always a player better than yourself to help you out with what you doing wrong. You may even make some cool poker friends.

So the next time you playing your heart out and just can't seem to win. STOP! Take some time to read poker books, connect with other poker players on poker forums and poker social networks.

Maybe even hope in a freeroll or two to clam yourself. If you lose in a freeroll you don't lose any money so go for it and apply what you learned from the poker books and your new found poker friends.

Lets recap what to do when you on tilt and how we can become better poker player from it.

1) Stop playing poker! (Just for that night)

2) Read poker books

3) Connent with other poker players in a poker community

4) Play in a freeroll tournament or two to relax your mind

5) Go to a poker school

Now I hope you learned something today. Once again I will see you in the poker forum.

9 comments on “Knowing When To Stop Playing!”

  1. smith Reply

    To be a best poker player one need to totally understand it through reading more and more books and getting knowledge from poker community players etc. All these steps can help you be a poker winner.

  2. Lory Reply

    Good advice. I agree with you that many poker players do not know when to stop and because they lose all they have. Knowledge from books is a great way for success in all things in life.

  3. Dragan Mestrovic Reply

    I play poker since I was 14 years old. (I’ve learned it after I saw the movie Bret Maverick with James Garner) 😉

    The best thing what poker teaches me, also for life, is to never underestimate the other players and to learn when it’s time to stand up from the table and to go home for this day.

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