June 2010 Poker Career Stats

Wow, this past month was a serious up and down battle across a few different websites. I was working on my bankroll challenge but wanted to focus on a different game. Which I must say following what's fun for me was not profitable at all. I got killed playing pot limit omaha. I still need to do a lot more studying before putting things into action. So let's go over what happen this past month.

On Full Tilt Poker, I ran a $25 freeroll for RakeBackRolls.com newsletter subscribers. We all know how that turned out. $25 from my bankroll to run the freeroll which I end up winning 1st place so $12 back into my bankroll. However, I ran bad big time and lost my whole bankroll on FTP bouncing from no limit holdem tournaments, limit holdem cash games, and rush poker limit holdem cash games.

On Yoga Poker, I went from $0 to $17 without a problem. I killed it at the limit holdem tables and a couple of no limit holdem heads up sit n go's. Don't ask me why I played the no limit holdem heads up games. I was bored and just went for it. Lucky for me I played a worst player than I am.

On PokerStars, this is where things got crazy. I deposited $20 and totally went against bankroll management rules. I started off respecting the bankroll management rules by playing at the $0.02/$0.04 and $0.05/$0.10 tables. Then as normal playing limit holdem at these stakes just bord me so I started to jump. After I reach $25 I jump to the $0.25/$0.50 table with $5 and my bankroll reached $30. So I jump to the $0.50/$1 table with $10 and my bankroll reached $40.

This is where things got a little wild I guess. Already disrespecting the bankroll management rules I went to the $1/$2 table and killed it. My bankroll went to $80+ playing at these stakes. However, the next day things went on the down side. Lost $60 playing at the $1/$2 tables and the rest at lower stakes which set my eyes on the next poker room.

On PlayersOnly, I decided to do the same thing as PokerStars. However, being a little more careful. Since the crazy days of a downswing hyped up on coffee, winning the RBR & DFP freeroll, and losing almost my whole bankroll playing pot limit omaha. I decided to play limit holdem to rebuild my bankroll since it's the only game I know how to make a profit from.

So I started with $2 playing at the $0.02/$0.04 tables, then moved up to the $0.05/$0.10 table but only played a few hands. However, I still made a profit. After the crazy shit that happen at PokerStars, I went for it on PlayersOnly. I moved up to $0.25/$0.50 table with $5 and left the table with $24 then moved up to the $1/$2 bad beat table with the bare minimum $30 and I left that table with $90.

Now that we had a run down of what I did over this past month. Let's look into how things turned out for my overall bankroll stats. I am sure it was a profitable month.

My Poker Stats
Poker Room Starting Bankroll Deposit Funds Current Bankroll Difference
Cake Poker $0.13 $0 $0.13 -
Full Tilt Poker $80.10 $0 $0 $80.10
Minted Poker $0.00 $0 $0 -
Oddsmaker Poker $0.08 $0 $0.08 -
PlayersOnly $0.00 $34.05 $120.99 $86.94
Pokerstars $0.00 $20 $3.69 $16.31
Yoga Poker $0.00 $0 $17.85 $17.85
Total Bankroll $80.31 $54.05 $142.74 $8.38

As you can see, my overall bankroll only grew $8. Hopefully this month will be a lot better since I feel refresh playing higher stakes of limit holdem. I realize I wasn't bord with the game but bord with playing at the micro stakes level. I will keep studying how to play PLO. However, I will keep playing limit holdem but only at the $1/$2 tables. Anything lower than that is not worth the time.

I will reopen my bankroll challenge but I will not call it a bankroll challenge. I am going to call it a road to becoming a professional poker player or for short "Road To PPP". I will begin tonight and post my results tomorrow. Thank you for reading. 🙂

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