January 2010 Poker Career Stats

This past month I didn't play much poker and the days I did play were bad days. I tilted all over the place. I do not understand why any of you would want to start from $0. This is one of the hardest things I have ever done. Playing in freerolls are down right madding and playing in micro stakes is like playing with play money. No matter cares if they win or lose as long as they got to play. Anyway, let's take a look at my poker career stats as bad as they are.

My Poker Stats

Cake Poker: $0
Carbon Poker: $0.06 (-$1.07)
Full Tilt Poker: $0 (-$0.29)
Oddsmaker: $0.08 (-$0.29)
Pokerstars: $0.04 (+$0.04)
Yoga Poker: $1.12 (-$5.25)

As you can see, I totally blew it this past month. This month, I will do my best to get in more playing hours and hopefully, I will push more in the green than red. Just looking at all that red  and zeros make me want to play more and better my skills. I guess its back to watching more videos on outstandingpoker and playing in freeroll tournaments.

Cheers to becoming a profitable poker player and one day a PRO!

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