I Stand Corrected!

Yesterday, I made a post and at the end of the post I said "I will never lose another bankroll" Well I stand corrected. Today I had bad beat after bad beat flow my way. It seem as if I just shouldn't be playing poker today. Well the end result came. I lost my bankroll. It's only $0.13 left in the account. Finally, I play a game I can win at and don't have a big enough bankroll to have one bad downswing. So now that I have played a few freerolls and ate a really nice dinner. I think I got a plan to put into action. Maybe a few plans, just need to pick one and go for it.

Plan 1: $50 to $5,000 bankroll challenge only playing heads up limit holdem on one of the merge gaming network sites like carbon poker.

Plan 2: $50 to $500 bankroll challenge only playing limit holdem cash games on one of the cake network sites maybe doyles room.

Plan 3: $50 to $500 bankroll challenge only playing limit holdem rush poker on full tilt poker.

Plan 4: $50 to $1,000 bankroll challenge only playing limit holdem tournaments on pokerstars.

I'm kind of liking plan 1 for a couple of  reasons. 1) Heads up poker is pretty easy, it's all about volume to make a nice profit. 2) Moving up stakes is a lot quicker than cash games and tournaments. I also like plan 3 because I really like rush poker and it's really easy to make a nice profit with the right hand selection. I will like you all know what I am going to do in the next post.

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