How To Clear Pokerstars Bonus

Clearing the Pokerstars bonus is one of the easiest bonuses to clear out of all the online poker rooms. After signing up and making your first deposit with marketing code PSP12759 and bonus code Stars600 for 100% match up to $600. You will be ready to play some poker and start to clear your bonus. Play at Pokerstars Now.

Your pending bonus all depends on the amount you deposited. You will need to clear the VPPs requirements to clear $10 at a time of your bonus. If you deposited $600, and you play a online poker at Pokerstars a lot, you will surely meet the VPPs requirements and clear the whole bonus. That's an extra $600 in your account to play with free.

You can't beat free poker money at Pokerstars for just depositing and playing poker. The VPPs requirements are always pretty low and easy to clear. Playing at the $1/$2 cash games, you could clear the whole bonus in no time. I give it a week or 2 maybe less. It all depends on how well you play, how many tables you play at once, and how long you play.

For example, if you deposit $200 into Pokertars. You will only need to clear $10, 20 times to have your extra $200 into your account. Which is pretty easy to do, with such low VPPs requirements.

Now that you know how easy it is to clear Pokerstars bonus. Signup to Pokerstars with marketing code: PSP12759 and deposit with bonus code: Stars600 to get your 100% match up to $600. See how quickly you will have your extra poker money into your account just from playing your favorite online poker games online at Pokerstars.

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