How To Beat Roulette

Learn How The Pro's Beat Roulette

Everybody wants to how to beat roulette, how to make money with roulette. The answer is pretty simple and right in your face. All one needs to do is search for the answers and you will be winning at the roulette tables. So how to beat roulette? Using a roulette system of course. You need a game plan going in or you just flat out gambling.

Advance 1 in 40 Roulette System

To make money online with roulette. You must stay focus and do not change anything in this system. This roulette system has proven to work for many people. You can be one of them or you can change the system and lose your money.

You pick 5 numbers right next door to each other on the roulette wheel. Doesn't matter which numbers you pick as long as all 5 numbers are connected on the wheel. Now that you picked your 5 numbers.

On a minimum $5 table, use a progressive betting scheme starting with $1 per number, on a minimum $10 table, use a progressive betting scheme starting with $2 per number. Now you get the idea, make sure your total bet equals the minimum.

Now lets say you are at the $5 minimum table. You bet $1 per number and we lose. Now you bet $2 per number, and then $3 per number, and so on... Until you hit your number or had 40 spins. (Most likely you will hit one of your numbers way before you reach 40 spins) Once you hit your number, start the roulette system all over again. Average profit one a hit is $15. Run this system over and over again you could be making the same amount of money someone is working the butt off to make a full time living.

Now you wondering where is the best place to put the roulette system to good use.

The top 5 roulette casinos list

  1. Lucky Ace Casino (No USA players)
  2. Bodog Casino
  3. Omni Casino (No USA players)
  4. Sloto' Cash
  5. Oddsmaker

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4 comments on “How To Beat Roulette”

  1. jamie mantle Reply

    The systems rubbish ive just tryed it out in fun mode 5 times and lost. Adding a unit everytime you lose dosn’t mean you will make a profit when your number lands

    • Nick Reply

      You are right Jamie, the only way this system works is if you hit your number within 13 spins. Any more than 13 and you start losing money.

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