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Many poker players think they can win at horse just by being good at holdem or omaha or stud. This may get them many chips at first. Then when the blinds get big enough, all that folding from the other poker games turn you from a big chip stack to a small chip stack and before you know it their out of the tournament. I have done this many of times when I only played holdem and omaha.

What is H.O.R.S.E.?

HORSE Poker is a poker game that cover different popular poker games. H = Texas Holdem, O = Omaha Hi/Lo, R = Razz, S = Stud Hi, E = Stud Hi/Lo. Horse rotate to another poker game each time the blinds go up, over and over. If its a horse tournament then it rotate through the different poker games over and over until their is one player left, like any other tournament.

It take some true skill to play horse poker and win. A horse poker player must become a well rounded player of all the different type of poker games in horse. The horse poker blog covers the play by play of the final table of high stakes horse tournaments. You never know, you just maybe be the next featured poker player on horse poker blog.

Learn how to play horse from the horse poker blog. This blog covers all the high stakes H.O.R.S.E. tournaments. You can stay updated with the latest big horse tournaments wins and that yearly 50k horse tournament. This horse poker blog covers it all. A page totally focus on the past 50k horse tournament winners, starting from 2006. That is no easy task to win the 50k horse tournament. Go through a lot of ups and downs with your chip stack, you get bored from playing so long, bad hands keep coming your way. That is a lot to over come.

Learn it all at H.O.R.S.E. Poker Blog

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    I used google translate to understand, because my English so bad. I think this great article. Thank for sharing.

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