High Stakes Holdem

Playing in high stakes online Texas Holdem games can be an extremely exhilarating and profitable for players who can play at that level. It requires skill, cunning, and a lot of money to participate at these levels. If you have what it takes to get to the highest stakes games, it is a great place to be. There is a lot of money to be made from playing online Texas Holdem at the highest stakes, perhaps even a chance to make a name for yourself. The high stakes poker tables are where every budding online poker player hopes to see themselves, but whether you get to this rarified level is purely up to you.

The high stakes Texas Holdem poker tables are where the real money is won and lost in online poker rooms. Tables with $5/$10, $10/$20, $50/$100, $100/$200 blinds and stakes of that nature are what constitute the big money high stakes holdem tables. At any given time, thousands and sometimes even hundreds of thousands of dollars can be changing hands on any given pot. When you look at high stakes tables, you most often see two kinds of players. The excellent players who belong there because of their skill and the massive big money fish who throw a lot of money around - because they can. Unfortunately, there are much more of the former than there are of the latter so finding a big sack of money without a ring of sharks already circling is rare. For most players who earn their keep in this bracket, they are well matched with others so that most of the money that is won is won off the big fish and sprinkled around between all the sharks.

My greatest suggestions for players who want to get to the point where they can play at high stakes tables are practice, learn from your mistakes, and take things in order. If you want to play and be successful at the high stakes tables, you need to be good. Becoming good requires that you play a lot of poker and there is no way around that. As such, you need to spend a lot of time playing Texas Holdem online in order to get there. Additionally, you cannot improve as a player if you do not learn from your mistakes. Making mistakes is a natural part of the game and making mistakes is not inherently bad, as it gives you an opportunity to correct and improve your play, which is a very good thing. Lastly, you need not to jump in over your head. To get to the high stakes tables, you should already have spent a great deal of time at both the low and middle stakes tables. Working your way up from the bottom is the only way to go.

High stakes Texas Holdem poker tables are a great place to be if you belong there. With excitement that cannot be matched at other levels of play, it is truly extraordinary to experience. Getting to the point where you can play at the highest of stakes and levels takes a lot of dedication and skill but the costs are more than worth the rewards.

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  1. ShadowElf Reply

    Getting there is part of the journie. The key is staying within your bankroll. As a “freeroller” that has been learning and playing for just 2 years, I’ve never gone bust since my 1st cash in 3/08. I mostly play forum tournament games and play to maintain my forum rank. These are not the most profitable type games and usually against the top 10% players. Between the qualifier games, and 4 ranked games per week, it can keep you busy. I usuallly like to maintain 50 buy-ins, and only spend time in SnG’s and ring games, to build back up if I am slipping a bit, or have time off from work. When the ranked year ends 1/31/10, I will play with the forum for the enjoyment, but will change my goals to building the BR and moving up. I’m still @ the $5-$10 SnG range, and .05/.10 and .10/.20 ring level, but by staying @ 3-5% of your BR, you can handle some losses. I also don’t like to think of my BR as all $ from all sites. If I only have $50 on a site, I will probably play $2 SnG’s.
    The best part about freerolling a BR is that when you can win your start up $, you can play well enough to deposit but don’t have to.
    Stay within your BR and play well. Let your BR lead you to the next level !

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