Guest Posts

This page details our policy on Guest Posting and should hopefully answer any questions you may have.

Do We Accept Guest Posts?
Yes. If you have content related to the world of Poker and would like to make a guest post then we'd be happy to get it live on for you. Please note though that your content body must be greater than 300 words, make sense and the subject must be relevant to ours i.e. Poker/Gaming - no exceptions. We don't ask that content is unique and are happy to publish press releases if that is your preference. You are also free to include up to 2 links in total, if these links are sent to what we deem as none relevant websites then we will nofollow them however links to relevant sites will be treated as normal links. Please feel free to include an image if you like. The most important bit - by asking us to post your content you are confirming that you hold the rights to do so, including any image that you ask to be included.

Is There A Fee?
Yes, it is currently £100 (GBP Sterling, interesting fact, we are based on the Isle of Man, the home of Pokerstars!). We only accept Paypal payments. Once I have spent the time in posting the content it is not refundable.

How Long Will A Guest Post Be Live?
As long as the website remains online, we have no plans at all for that not being the case. The actual flow of new posts will very much be limited to other work commitments so at the very most 3 guest posts a week will be accepted. Once posted your content stays for the duration of the website.

Do You Accept Any Other Form Of Advertising?
Not at present. There are a number of banner advertisement spots available which we use internally for our own affiliate marketing efforts, it would take a serious offer for us to even think of giving those up! We have no plans to offer Sitewide Links or any other form of paid linking.

How Do I Submit A Guest Post?
E-mail your content request to with the subject "Guest Post Request". Include any image as an attachment and please give instructions for any linking. We will give it the once over and if we accept it will reply with further information regarding payment etc. Once payment has been received your content will be made live as soon as possible or on a date you request.