Going From Limit To No-Limit, What To Raise?

Online Poker is quite addictive isn't it? The whole setup is becoming much more familiar to me now and I'm learning all the time about the software the various poker rooms use. I swear that's half the battle, finding the games you want to play! Because I'm more comfortable I've started to dabble with no-limit games in the last week and there is something I can't get my head around, why the pathetic raises?

If I looked at the games of poker I've played in my life the split would be 90% real games, 10% online. I'm not a pro player by any means, just a casual player who has friends that enjoy the odd social game. When it comes to playing in a real life game I always thought it was an accepted "rule" that if you're playing in a late position pre-flop on a full table and have a hand then when you raise, you really raise! Three times the big blind anyway? This doesn't seem to happen so much online, from what I've seen it's far more likely for people to limp in with a raise somewhere between the small and big blind. Of course it gets called and you're open to a whole world of hurt. Is it that online poker players are naturally more cautious with their no limit raises? I don't know why because there seem plenty who like to chuck all in with nothing! The raising patterns do seem really strange to me but I'll not complain too much. With soo much "random" play it's not that hard to make a few dollars. I must admit I'm starting to like online play 🙂 ,you can never have too many ways of making money.

On a more serious note are you one of life's limpers? I'm not knocking it I'd just be interested in learning some of the reasoning behind it?

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