Full Tilt Poker Take 2

After not playing poker for awhile. I decided to log into my full tilt poker account and play for an hour or 2. First I played a 6 player no limit texas hold'em sit n' go. After playing for almost an hour, I lost in 5th place. You read that right, 5th place. Those players was really focus on winning that sit n' go.

Thinking to myself, I maybe a little off my game. I went to the 6 seat $0.01/$0.02 no limit texas hold'em ring games. Sat down with $0.80 just to check out my skills before playing at the higher levels again. Then I get a notice taking about the take 2 promotion thats going on at full tilt poker.

All I had to do was click the button and then play at 2 ring game tables. Fair enough, I can play at 2 tables at once. More points and most of all, free cash. I sat my eyes on the lowest prize they have in this promotion which is $5. All I need to do is play at 2 ring game tables at once and get 1 full tilt point a day for 5 days.

Well that's pretty easy to get $5 free. Think about it, I am going to be winning and losing money anyways. All in all, I am sure I will come out on top with this one. While after my poker playing for today, I got over 1 point and lost around $2. I will win that back tomorrow and more. 🙂

See you at the full tilt poker ring games 😉

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