Full Tilt Poker Micro Sit n Go Stakes

Full Tilt Poker micro sit n go stakes range from $0.30 to $4.40 buyins and 6 players to 180 players. Playing at these stakes on full tilt poker can be very profitable. By playing solid poker, for explain in the sitngo strategy for 6 to 10 player sitngos. You can easily place in cash most of the time. You can also apply this strategy to bigger sitngos, by focusing on one table at a time. Play at Full Tilt Poker Today!

Full Tilt Poker micro stakes sit n go’s full up pretty quick. So there’s very little wait time to play online poker games at full tilt poker micro stakes sitngos. A good percentage of the micro stakes sitngos are satellites. Winning these satellites get’s you $26 satellite tokens, entry into big tournaments with big payouts, or tournament dollars if you unregister from the big tournaments.

Micro stakes sit n go’s on Full Tilt Poker is a great place to build your bankroll. If you starting with a bankroll of $200 or less. I highly recommend focusing on micro stakes sitngos. Playing solid poker will place you in cash most of the time. If and when you have a downswing, micro stakes sitngos will not hurt your bankroll like ring games, big tournaments, or bigger buyin sitngos.

To start playing in Full Tilt Poker micro stakes sitngos, click here to download full tilt poker software for 100% match up to $600. Also click here to see what freeroll tournaments on Full Tilt Poker are running today.

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