Full Tilt Poker Low Stakes vs Micro Stakes

Many beginners start with micro stakes to get the feel of the game. However, this is the biggest mistake anyone who wants to become a serious poker player can make. Micro stakes poker is just like playing with play money (fake money). Nobody really cares if they win or lose. It's all about the rush of playing poker.

For anyone that wants to take poker serious. If you must start with a small bankroll, I highly recommend skipping the micro stakes and focus on low stakes. By playing in low stakes rather than micro stakes. You face less donks and people respect your raises. You clear your deposit bonus when using the Full Tilt Referral Code a lot faster than playing in micro stakes although playing rush poker will allow you to clear the Full Tilt Poker bonus a lot faster than anything.

Since the release of Rush Poker, many players have won and lose a lot of money while clearing their bonus. A little tip for those of you that will try Rush Poker to clear your deposit bonus a lot faster than normal. Pick your hands carefully, don't chance after gut shot straight or flush draws. You will be wasting your chips that you could be using in a big pot holding the nuts for the win.

Low stakes sit n' go's pay a lot better than micro stakes as well as the tournaments. Don't get me wrong, I am not bashing the micro stakes nor the micro stakes players. I am simply pointing out that micro stakes is only for selected players; freerollers whom won and ready to play with real money, grinders whom found losing players, and people that just want some entertainment or want to feel the rush of playing poker.

So before you decide what you going to play, ask your why are you playing poker.

2 comments on “Full Tilt Poker Low Stakes vs Micro Stakes”

  1. Dave Reply

    Exactly, although people in micro stakes might not be the strongest poker players. There is still definitely a strategy to micro stakes that could work for you. Just sit back in a 9 handed table and wait for your chance to strike. People call a lot more often than not, and you can use that to your advantage when your time comes and move your way up in stakes quite easily.

  2. pieminilv Reply

    yeah really, i start with micro, and there was lot of donks and i can not win without ultra tight strategy, but when i get 20buy-in for low stakes i go there and really go up faster, more fun and more. so i adjust anyone hwo understand poker skip micro 😀

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