Free Play Poker – PurePlay legit? – Play free poker, win real cash?

Has anyone played on this site before? How do you collect the winnings - (it says that they're sent to your email)? Seems like a good site but I would like to hear from other players what it's like.

PurePlay is legitimate and pays you cash fast by check sent to your home address. You can play for free, but the site is geared up for you to pay a monthly fee. The free play tournaments are limited, and the paid member subscription tournaments offer a lot more chances to win.

It is a USA legal site that allows players to play poker for a monthly fixed amount and win cash in tournaments. I play there as a subscribed member in the bigger tournaments, and I am on the Leaderboard there.

The play is VERY loose, since the site is basically a series of freerolls and there are a lot of lotto players there.

Here is a link that provides more information:…

Good luck and have fun!

I've been playing there for several months now. After a few weeks, I joined for about $17/month. Haven't managed to cash out as yet, but I've been concentrating mainly on earning entries into the WSOP satellites.

In most of the tourneys (especially the freerolls) the first few minutes are pretty crazy as the all-in donkeys go at it, but things settle down a bit after most of them get knocked out.

They also have a rating system of red, green and black for members and some tourneys are only for members with that rating. The black members are the better players, so you get a lot more serious play there.

They have a nice mix of tourney types - one recent one they started is the 15-minute turbo. Blinds go up every minute, which makes for a nice quick game...15 minutes is just about what they usually run, as opposed to around 2 hours for most tourneys.

I prefer which is based on a similar concept. However, it is sponsored by Cardplayer magazine so to me its legit. Plus I've won tournaments on the site and they do pay out in real cash. I haven't had any trouble collecting my winnings. You can try the site for free for two weeks using the code ACESFULL and form your own opinion.

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