Free Online Poker – Where can I play Online poker games with fake money?

Like with lots of online players, But no real money.

There are a ton of sites.

The two most popular are Stars and Tilt. See link for a list.

In short, any major poker site will offer play money games to you and never hassle you to deposit for real.

I'm going to recommend Poker Stars though, as believe it or not if you win enough play money you can actually sell it for real money. Some web sites will buy $1,000,000 in play money for $10 real money.

Don't ask my why people want to buy play money, but they do. And of all the major sites Poker Stars seems to be in the biggest demand.

I have played all of them and the best as I see it is It has both "free" play and cash games and the tables can be changed to different styles. But I would say download and play all of them till you find one you like. google poker sites and it will take you to all of them.


Its a free poker site where you can play with fake money and get refills every 10 minutes.

any poker site has play money people can use

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