February 2010 Poker Career Stats

I know I was suppose to do the whole zero to hero thing through freerolls but I had a few problems with that.
1. freeroll players suck, they go all in with bullshit and river you.
2. playing freeroll after freeroll is boring as hell.
3. playing with money is a lot more fun and profitable.

So I have put money in full tilt poker and cake poker. Since I pay $15 a month for outstandingpoker membership to learn how to play no limit texas holdem cash games. I think I should put the knowledge to good use. Also, for those of you that don't have $15 a month. You still can get free poker training to improve your poker skills. Anyway, lets get into my poker stats.

My Poker Stats

Cake Poker: $90 (+$90)
Carbon Poker: $0.00 (-$0.06)
Full Tilt Poker: $125 (+$125)
Minted Poker: $0.38 (+$0.38)
Oddsmaker: $0.08
Pokerstars: $0.12 (+$0.08)
Yoga Poker: $0 (-$1.12)

Lets see what I can do with the money on full tilt poker and cake poker. Im setting the goal for cake poker at $120 and for full tilt poker $200. I also been playing freerolls on minted poker which seems to be pretty easy to cash. So ill set a goal for $25 and for yoga poker $25. Yoga poker is pretty easy to cash in the freerolls. I had made over $7 playing limit texas holdem poker but lost it all on a bad day.

Cheers to becoming a profitable poker player!

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