Father’s Day Weekend Freerolls Victory

While I blog about my poker career trying to find the game that will make me a big name in the poker world. I do have a rakeback site to run and keep my players happy. So for father's day weekend, I ran 2 freeroll tournaments. Friday I ran pot limit omaha freeroll tournament for RakeBackRolls newsletter subscribers on Full Tilt Poker.

I guess most people was busy doing something else because only 9 of us was in the tournament. 7 of which was sitting out so I guess they signed up and forgot what time the tournament was. 3 paid positions so I am sure one person will get a nice surprise when they log into their account for placing in 3rd. Mean while me and another player played a serious heads up into I finally won first place for $12.50. Good to get some of that money back into my bankroll to host another freeroll on Full Tilt Poker again.

On Sunday (Father's Day), I ran pot limit omaha freeroll tournament on PlayersOnly for RBR members and DonkeyFishPoker.com poker forum members. DFP owner post it in the forum and on their twitter page as I sent out email to the RBR netsletter subscribers, posted on the RBR twitter page, and RBR facebook fan page.

RakeBackRolls and DonkeyFishPoker Freeroll Win

22 of us had a great time playing in this freeroll. More chatting with other players than I thought would happen. As for the tournament, I had a lot of downs and ups throughout the tournament.

Even though I had the chip lead for most of the tournament. I only did so well because I played very tight. Afraid of getting knocked out early in my own tournament. I doubled up by knocking out a player with a straight vs 2 pair. It was a battle but I ended up the winner. To claim $12.50 added to my bankroll.

Good thing I won though. I went bust learning how to play PLO. I even blew the $5 I won in the welcome freeroll for first depositors when I placed 20th. I played PLO heads up which I knew I didn't have the bankroll for but still did it then tried my hand in cash games. I must say, I learned how to really focus on the game and pick the right hands to play.

If I play PLO cash games like I did in this tournament I could really build a solid bankroll to start my bankroll challenge all over again. This time the mission would not be money but building the bankroll to play higher stakes. Maybe even learn how to beat PLO tournaments.

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