Exclusive Interview with TheBigDirty

Today, I got a exclusive interview with Kushmoney Poker Tour event #2 winner TheBigDirty.

1. Please introduce yourself to my readers.
Thanks for the props Deneil, happy to do the interview for your readers. My name is Alex. It is my middle name, and the cool character I choose as my poker alter ego when I started playing in back room social clubs as a teenager. We started playing every Monday night, a $2/$4 limit game. We would cash in for $50 & the house would match. Pay it back with tip when we cashed out, they loved us. I was hooked!

2. How long have you been playing poker online?
Online poker was introduced to me after college, I was a sales manager & witnessed online poker rooms bankrupt a coworker & destroy a friends marriage. Needless to say I wasn't a fan. But I loved to play live, & now, recently broke a 1000 games online.

3. What is your biggest challenge as a online poker player?
My biggest challenge is to not get sucked in. You face so many players from all over the world, so many different styles, so many anonymous opponents. Too much bluffing goes on online. You adjust, you learn, & you take advantage. Some days, I think the biggest challenge is simply not throwing my cordless mouse across the room.

4. What is your favorite online poker room?
I started with the big guys, UB & Party Poker. Place 2nd in a UB FR once, 3800 seats, 6 hours & all I got was a lousy golf shirt. Now I stick to Reefer Poker on the Merge Network. They offer a fun brand of poker & great emotions. I got bank everywhere though.

5. How many online poker rooms you play in?
I am loyal, but tend to be a bit of a free roll whore on weekends. I try to keep my money off the tables, unless it's live, with friends, or a great field.

6. What advise would you give a new online poker player?
Stay small, low limit ring games & inexpensive tournaments. Stick to your card chart, & observe the game; best way to learn.

7. What are your short, mind, and long term goals as a online poker player?
Where to start, short term is to get to the money in this months 50k guaranteed at Reefer Poker on May 31st. My entry only cost me $2 in a 5 seat SnG. Sure I be much happier to win 1st and take home a smooth 20k. But I am sure it'll be a respectable field. Mid term, I have been eyeing the MTT leader board at Merge for June, a seat in Niagra in from of friends & family! Long term, building a respectable bank at sites across the board. Nothing crazy but enough to jump into any major guaranteed event.

8. Do you plan on becoming a pro poker player?
Pro, meh, who knows. I got the balls for it & can play live, but I got some work to do before I would go that far. Hows, strong novice sound? I'm learning everyday! I pay the rent.

9. Do you make a full time income playing online poker?
Don't tell my mother but yes. Nothing spectacular, but it's working for me right now.

10. Any information you would like to add for our future online poker players?
Learn how to play good cards well before you learn the art of the bluff. And never bet and more than you can't afford to lose, laugh at, and learn.

Thanks again, hope to see you at the next KushMoney Poker Tour Event

aka Alex Diamond

Thank you Alex for taking the time to answer these questions.

If you want to become as good as Alex I recommend going to a poker school.

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  1. Tycoon Blogger Reply

    That’s awesome, I would love to be a full time poker player. My problem is I have an addictive personality and would be the guy who loses the house, family, etc…

    Good interview..

    Best of luck to you Alex..hope to see you on the WPT someday.

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