Exclusive Interview with AcctBreaker

Today, I got a exclusive interview with Kushmoney Poker Tour event #1 winner AcctBreaker.

1. Please introduce yourself to my readers.
Hello, my name is Paul and I am from New York.

2. How long have you been playing poker online?
I have been playing real money online poker for over 3 years, But I have played play chips for 2 years before that online.

3. What is your biggest challenge as a online poker player?
Reading your opponents ( many are so tuff to read)

4. What is your favorite online poker room?
Reefer Poker

5. How many online poker rooms you play in?
The majority is Reefer Poker but I do play on other sites for some forum events.

6. What advise would you give a new online poker player?
Learn The Game...bankroll management,table position, chip stack,table presents all matter. Take notes on your opponents.

7. What are your short, mind, and long term goals as a online poker player?
To continually to learn and hopefully cash more. Play some bigger stake games.

8. Do you plan on becoming a pro poker player?
Not yet, doubtful.

9. Do you make a full time income playing online poker?
No, I would need to play a lot more with less distractions. Currently I play usually 1 or 2 games a night and usually several on weekends.

10. Any information you would like to add for our future online poker players?
Learn from your mistakes, be willing to learn.

Thank you Paul for taking the time to answer these questions.

If you want to become as good as Paul I recommend going to a poker school.

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