Early Christmas Freeroll Tournament

Today is the Poker Commercials early Christmas freeroll tournament. $25 prize pool on Full Tilt Poker. The poker team of poker commercials will be playing in this freeroll tournament. There is no bounty on their heads this time however, this should be a pretty fun tournament today.

We have the team leader Poker Man (ftp: KMnetwork) whom is always aggressive at the poker tables, GoneGreedy (ftp: same name as the forum) whom is always a big mystery at the poker tables. You never know what she is holding in her hand, and our newsest member. Dadsrus (ftp: dadsrsusonline) whom is always into big tournaments, he likes to take his time to make sure he is in the final table. Like to call himself the ghost. Because you never notice him until he beats you.

We have a lot more new members to our newsletter that will be in the tournament and a few new members to our poker forum which is always fun. Everybody is always oh so friendly, if you haven't had the chance to signup to the forum. Take the time to do so and remember, you can an 100% match up to $600 at Full Tilt Poker. Click here to download the full tilt poker software.

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