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In basic terms rakeback is a percentage of the money a poker room makes off of a player given back as a rebate. This percentage is usually anywhere from 25% to 40%. In order to calculate rakeback, the poker rooms must first calculate the player’s rake, which is how much money the poker room has made from the player. There are two methods to calculate rake, the dealt method and the contributed method. This article will focus on the dealt method of rakeback calculation including an outline of how the rake is calculated using the dealt method and which type of players benefit from this method.

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The dealt method is very easy to understand. Basically, the amount of rake generated from each hand is divided evenly among the amount of players who were dealt a hand pre-flop. The amount each player contributed to the pot does not matter when calculating rake using the dealt method.

For example, if $1.50 is raked from a 6-handed cash game table, then each player has generated $0.25 in rake using the dealt method. Similarly, if $1.50 is raked from a 9-handed table, then each player has generated $0.1667 in rake.

You can probably tell by now that the dealt method of rakeback calculation is beneficial to tight players who fold a lot of hands pre-flop because they will be earning rakeback for these hands without even contributing a single cent to the pot. In some cases it may even be possible to make a profit from the dealt rakeback method by folding every single hand if your table is very loose. Of course this is not a smart strategy because you should always play your monster hands, but it goes to show that playing an extremely tight style could be especially profitable if you sprinkle in some solid hands. Many online poker rooms use the dealt rakeback method including Doyles Room, Cake Poker and Full Tilt Poker. Full Tilt is the largest online poker room that is currently offering rakeback to players. Full Tilt offers 27% rakeback to all players who sign up using a rakeback provider’s Full Tilt referral code.  Along with the 27% rakeback, all new players receive a Full Tilt poker bonus worth up to $600. If you think the dealt rakeback method is right for you then I highly suggest registering a rakeback account at Full Tilt Poker because it is in my opinion the best poker room online.

The dealt rakeback method is very advantageous to tight players because they will be earning rakeback even when they fold pre-flop. Rakeback can turn a super tight player who loses a few dollars per hour into a winning player because it is possible to receive a great amount of rakeback than the actual amount of rake you contribute to the poker room when rakeback is calculated using the dealt method. Every online poker player should sign up for a rakeback account because it is free money that the poker room is giving back to players who are in the know. Now that you have read this article you are one of these players so you should never sign up for a non-rakeback account again in your online poker career.

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