Contributed Rakeback Method

For those of you who don’t know rakeback is the rake rebate a poker player receives from the poker room if they are signed up under a rakeback account. The percentage of rakeback varies depending on the room. All poker room calculate rake using two different methods: the dealt method (Doyles Room is an example of a poker room that uses the dealt method and offers 33% Doyles Room rakeback) and the contributed method. This article will focus on the contributed method of rake calculation including how rake is calculated using this method and which type of players benefit from this rake calculation method.

The contributed method is likely the fairest way to calculate rake for each player because the amount of rake you have actually contributed to the pot is the amount that you are said to have generated. This means that the percentage of the total pot you have contributed in chips will also be the percentage of the rake you are said to have generated.

For example, if you are playing a $1/$2 cash game and you raise to $10 pre-flop from early position and the small and big blinds call you there is now $30 in the pot. After the flop you bet another $20, the small blind folds and the big blind calls making the pot $70. On the turn you fire another $50 into the pot and once again the big blind calls making the pot $170. On the river you bet $200 and the big blind folds. If say $3 was raked from that pot then you would have generated 47% of the rake which is $1.41. You would then earn rakeback on this amount which would equal $0.423 if you were playing at a site that offered 30% rakeback. As you can see from this example, your rakeback depends on the amount of money you contribute to the pot when using the contributed rakeback method.

The contributed rakeback method is advantageous for loose aggressive players who like to see a lot of pots and push opponents off of hands. The more money you have going into the pot the bigger your rakeback payment will be every month using the contributed rakeback method. This is in contrast to the dealt rakeback method where the rake is split evenly between every player who was dealt a hand regardless of whether they folded pre-flop or bet until the river.

Some online poker room that use the contributed rakeback method include Carbon Poker, Betfair Poker and PKR Poker. PKR is probably the best online poker room that does offer rakeback using the contributed method.  PKR offers 30% PKR rakeback, which we highly recommend. If you do decide to sign up for PKR rakeback, you must enter a rakeback specific PKR bonus code when making your first PKR deposit.  PKR is a great room with amazing 3D software and they are quickly becoming a top online poker competing with the likes of Full Tilt and PokerStars.

I feel that the contributed rakeback method is the more accurate method and the better ones for poker rooms to use because it rewards the players who build pots and in turn builds the rake, which is how the poker rooms make their money. A player who can break even playing a loose aggressive style can be a very profitable player if they are on a rakeback account at a contributed rakeback poker room.

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