Cheap Poker Sets – Where To Find Cheap Poker Chips?

Walmart should have them! Sometimes pharmacies like CVS or Rite Aid as well.

Cheap Poker Set

im in love with facebook poker texas holdem too, i started with just 100k in chips and won over 13 million facebook poker chips now. My sister plays like 10 hours a day tho and I never give her any because is so unbelivably bad (im not even kidding), so I make her buy. She usually buys from facebookpokerstore too, they have good prices. I hope it works out for you.

Cheap *** Chips...for you, $1..look at the $1 store!

Have you tried Wal-Mart? I bought a pack of 100 for like $2.00. I think you could get 1000 for about $20.00.

Ebay, Amazon, flea markets, or garage sales

Dollarama... they sell'em in boxes of 200. 5 boxes, $5.

It depends on many factors

Try ebay!


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