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June 2010 Poker Career Stats

Wow, this past month was a serious up and down battle across a few different websites. I was working on my bankroll challenge but wanted to focus on a different game. Which I must say following what's fun for me was not profitable at all. I got killed playing pot limit omaha. I still need to do a lot more studying before putting things into action. So let's go over what happen this past month.

On Full Tilt Poker, I ran a $25 freeroll for newsletter subscribers. We all know how that turned out. $25 from my bankroll to run the freeroll which I end up winning 1st place so $12 back into my bankroll. However, I ran bad big time and lost my whole bankroll on FTP bouncing from no limit holdem tournaments, limit holdem cash games, and rush poker limit holdem cash games.

On Yoga Poker, I went from $0 to $17 without a problem. I killed it at the limit holdem tables and a couple of no limit holdem heads up sit n go's. Don't ask me why I played the no limit holdem heads up games. I was bored and just went for it. Lucky for me I played a worst player than I am.

On PokerStars, this is where things got crazy. I deposited $20 and totally went against bankroll management rules. I started off respecting the bankroll management rules by playing at the $0.02/$0.04 and $0.05/$0.10 tables. Then as normal playing limit holdem at these stakes just bord me so I started to jump. After I reach $25 I jump to the $0.25/$0.50 table with $5 and my bankroll reached $30. So I jump to the $0.50/$1 table with $10 and my bankroll reached $40.

This is where things got a little wild I guess. Already disrespecting the bankroll management rules I went to the $1/$2 table and killed it. My bankroll went to $80+ playing at these stakes. However, the next day things went on the down side. Lost $60 playing at the $1/$2 tables and the rest at lower stakes which set my eyes on the next poker room.

On PlayersOnly, I decided to do the same thing as PokerStars. However, being a little more careful. Since the crazy days of a downswing hyped up on coffee, winning the RBR & DFP freeroll, and losing almost my whole bankroll playing pot limit omaha. I decided to play limit holdem to rebuild my bankroll since it's the only game I know how to make a profit from.

So I started with $2 playing at the $0.02/$0.04 tables, then moved up to the $0.05/$0.10 table but only played a few hands. However, I still made a profit. After the crazy shit that happen at PokerStars, I went for it on PlayersOnly. I moved up to $0.25/$0.50 table with $5 and left the table with $24 then moved up to the $1/$2 bad beat table with the bare minimum $30 and I left that table with $90.

Now that we had a run down of what I did over this past month. Let's look into how things turned out for my overall bankroll stats. I am sure it was a profitable month.

My Poker Stats
Poker Room Starting Bankroll Deposit Funds Current Bankroll Difference
Cake Poker $0.13 $0 $0.13 -
Full Tilt Poker $80.10 $0 $0 $80.10
Minted Poker $0.00 $0 $0 -
Oddsmaker Poker $0.08 $0 $0.08 -
PlayersOnly $0.00 $34.05 $120.99 $86.94
Pokerstars $0.00 $20 $3.69 $16.31
Yoga Poker $0.00 $0 $17.85 $17.85
Total Bankroll $80.31 $54.05 $142.74 $8.38

As you can see, my overall bankroll only grew $8. Hopefully this month will be a lot better since I feel refresh playing higher stakes of limit holdem. I realize I wasn't bord with the game but bord with playing at the micro stakes level. I will keep studying how to play PLO. However, I will keep playing limit holdem but only at the $1/$2 tables. Anything lower than that is not worth the time.

I will reopen my bankroll challenge but I will not call it a bankroll challenge. I am going to call it a road to becoming a professional poker player or for short "Road To PPP". I will begin tonight and post my results tomorrow. Thank you for reading. 🙂

May 2010 Poker Career Stats

Ok, a lot went on over the weekend. I deposited $20 into Pokerstars to just play other games. Didn't care if I won or lost. I just wanted to have fun. Indeed I did have fun, I played a lot of pot limit omaha micro stakes cash games which I learn I am worst at then I am with no limit holdem. I played pot limit omaha heads up which I can say I could be very good at if I studied the game and played it a lot more. I also took a shot at 2-7 draw poker which was a ton of fun. If I tighten up my hand selection I could easily make a lot of money playing 2-7 draw poker cash games.

Also, over the weekend I deposited $44 into Full Tilt Poker to put my skills to the test playing Rush Poker limit holdem low stakes cash games short handed. While the money was a test, I did put together a strategy. I deposited $20 to put my strategy to the test which resulted in the current bankroll you see in the chart below.

In the last post, I put together a few plans for a bankroll challenge. I will be doing plan number 3. The Rush Poker bankroll challenge on Full Tilt Poker $50 to $500. Beating short handed limit holdem has always been easy but the downswings is nothing nice with a small bankroll playing micro stakes. However, I believe that this challenge will be very easy to complete with the strategy I put together to profit from playing Rush Poker.

Once I reach the $550 mark, I will do a $50 poker transfer to Minted Poker to have a little fun and improve my skills playing pot limit omaha heads up poker. I will also move up to mid stakes $1/$2 short handed fixed limit texas holdem Rush Poker. I will try to reach my $500 goal by the end of the month.

Also, I might deposit into Pokerstars again to play 2-7 draw poker. The cash games are very soft. I am sure I could become a very good 2-7 draw cash game player. I had a blast playing it. Maybe I should just use my Pokerstars account for fun, trying new games, and tilt control. When facing bad beat after bad beat. Stop playing on whatever site im on and log into Pokerstars to just have fun and relax my mind. Of course, I will need to deposit more funds into my account to do so since getting killed in PL Omaha and trying 2-7 draw. Anyway, let's get into the poker stats for May.

My Poker Stats
Poker Room Starting Bankroll Deposit Funds Current Bankroll Difference
Cake Poker $10.01 $0 $0.13 -$9.88
Full Tilt Poker $0.48 $64 $80.10 $15.62
Minted Poker $0.01 $0 $0 -$0.01
Oddsmaker Poker $0.08 $0 $0.08 -
Pokerstars $0.06 $20 $0 -$20.06
Yoga Poker $0 $0 $0 -
Total Bankroll $10.64 $84 $80.31 -$14.33

As you can see from the poker stats chart above, I put my Rush Poker strategy into action and it worked. Made over $50 from the $20 deposit on Full Tilt Poker. June goal is to turn $50 into $500 by the end of the month. (I know I got a little head start on that.) I think I can do this easily as long as I keep to the strategy. I believe anybody can make a nice profit playing Rush Poker with this strategy.

If you don't have an account, sign up to Full Tilt Poker and put the strategy to work or come up with your own Rush Poker strategy. If you use my strategy, please do comment below how the Rush Poker strategy worked for you.

April 2010 Poker Career Stats

Last month I didn't get to play much poker online. I been a bit busy again. This month I will be playing a lot more poker and will be focusing on limit holdem heads up poker. Since I like to blog during the weekdays I didn't publish this post on Saturday (May 1st).  Over the weekend I play a little bit of poker with $100 on pokerstars and let's say it didn't turn out to well. I will not be adding it to the poker stats chart below. Let's look at that before I get into the poker stars bankroll.

My Poker Stats
Poker Room Starting Bankroll Current Bankroll Difference
Cake Poker $0 $10.01 $10.01
Full Tilt Poker $0 $0.48 $0.48
Minted Poker $0.01 $0.01 -
Oddsmaker Poker $0.08 $0.08 -
Pokerstars $0.06 $0.06 -
Yoga Poker $10.17 $0 -$10.17
Total Bankroll $10.32 $10.64 $0.32

As you can see I am up only by $0.32 for April. Much better than what happen in March. Now let's get back to the Poker Stars bankroll. At the time of writing this, I have $23.41 in my account. During the month of May I will focus all my poker time onto limit holdem heads up poker micro stakes. Which is a $2.20 buyin for each heads up game. Once I reach $110 I will be moving up to low stakes which is $5.25 buyin.

Since I know for a fact that I am not a pro poker player. I will keep my goal for this month low. May goal will be to just make it to low stakes limit holdem heads up poker or $110 bankroll. If I reach that before the end of the month. I will try to push it to $125 and then focus on my cake poker bankroll playing in the $0.02/$0.04 limit holdem short handed cash games.

March 2010 Poker Career Stats

For this month recap of my starting and current bankroll. I made a nice little chart to clearly see where my bankroll is headed. Around the middle of the month I posted my learning bankrolls bust. So I lost over $200 from my total bankroll. As we all can see, I am not a profitable poker player which why I get pro poker players to write the strategy articles for all of us to learn from them. Anyway, lets take a look at my poker stats.

My Poker Stats
Poker Room Starting Bankroll Current Bankroll Difference
Absolute Poker $0 $0 N/A
Cake Poker $90 $0 -$90
Full Tilt Poker $125 $0.00 -$125
Minted Poker $0.38 $0.01 -$0.37
Oddsmaker Poker $0.08 $0.08 -
Pokerstars $0.12 $0.06 -$0.06
Reefer Poker $0 $0 N/A
Yoga Poker $0 $10.17 $10.17
Total Bankroll $215.58 $10.32 -$205.26

As you can see I have yet to become a winning poker player. Still struggling with bankroll management. This month I just may take a break from playing poker or just stay with freeroll tournaments as they have been pretty good to me on one poker room. It's only a matter of time before I finally get the hang of things become a profitable poker player.

I bought Holdem Genius so I can quickly know my odds and outs which has been helpful until I tilted a bit day before yesterday. Which bring down my Pokerstars bankroll as I was growing it. If I have time to seriously sit down and play peacefully. I will play at a few poker rooms I haven't played on in a while and see how it goes.

This month was a losing month. How did your month go?

February 2010 Poker Career Stats

I know I was suppose to do the whole zero to hero thing through freerolls but I had a few problems with that.
1. freeroll players suck, they go all in with bullshit and river you.
2. playing freeroll after freeroll is boring as hell.
3. playing with money is a lot more fun and profitable.

So I have put money in full tilt poker and cake poker. Since I pay $15 a month for outstandingpoker membership to learn how to play no limit texas holdem cash games. I think I should put the knowledge to good use. Also, for those of you that don't have $15 a month. You still can get free poker training to improve your poker skills. Anyway, lets get into my poker stats.

My Poker Stats

Cake Poker: $90 (+$90)
Carbon Poker: $0.00 (-$0.06)
Full Tilt Poker: $125 (+$125)
Minted Poker: $0.38 (+$0.38)
Oddsmaker: $0.08
Pokerstars: $0.12 (+$0.08)
Yoga Poker: $0 (-$1.12)

Lets see what I can do with the money on full tilt poker and cake poker. Im setting the goal for cake poker at $120 and for full tilt poker $200. I also been playing freerolls on minted poker which seems to be pretty easy to cash. So ill set a goal for $25 and for yoga poker $25. Yoga poker is pretty easy to cash in the freerolls. I had made over $7 playing limit texas holdem poker but lost it all on a bad day.

Cheers to becoming a profitable poker player!

January 2010 Poker Career Stats

This past month I didn't play much poker and the days I did play were bad days. I tilted all over the place. I do not understand why any of you would want to start from $0. This is one of the hardest things I have ever done. Playing in freerolls are down right madding and playing in micro stakes is like playing with play money. No matter cares if they win or lose as long as they got to play. Anyway, let's take a look at my poker career stats as bad as they are.

My Poker Stats

Cake Poker: $0
Carbon Poker: $0.06 (-$1.07)
Full Tilt Poker: $0 (-$0.29)
Oddsmaker: $0.08 (-$0.29)
Pokerstars: $0.04 (+$0.04)
Yoga Poker: $1.12 (-$5.25)

As you can see, I totally blew it this past month. This month, I will do my best to get in more playing hours and hopefully, I will push more in the green than red. Just looking at all that red  and zeros make me want to play more and better my skills. I guess its back to watching more videos on outstandingpoker and playing in freeroll tournaments.

Cheers to becoming a profitable poker player and one day a PRO!

New Year, New Poker Career, New Start!

This year I am starting over. Each week and/or month I will be posting where my bankroll stands at each online poker room. My goal is for you all to grow with me. You don't have to follow the rules I will follow to build my bankroll. However, I hope you all grow your bankrolls as I grow mine.

Here are the rules I will follow. I will only play in freerolls held by the online poker rooms, private freerolls and small buyins held by kushmoney poker tour, poker commercials, and other online poker forums, and micro stakes tournaments held by the online poker rooms. I will keep at these freerolls and micro stakes until I can move up to low stakes poker. Once I am at the low stakes poker level. I will post a new set of rules for myself.

As you can see, I didn't add cash games to my rules. My poker skills are not up to par to really focus on cash games. So I will keep watching videos in the training site outstandingpoker. Always have to keep at growing your poker skills. I for one eat, sleep, and breathe poker. So I have no problem playing, studying, and writing about poker.

My Poker Stats

Carbon Poker: $1.13
Full Tilt Poker: $0.29
Oddsmaker: $0.37
Yoga Poker: $6.37

All my online poker room accounts are listed from A to Z. Not need to say which one's I like over the others because the fact remains. I will be playing on all of them. Sadly, I am in the USA and can not play at Sun Poker or Titan Poker. Otherwise, I will be playing at them too! 🙂

As you can see, I am pretty much starting from $0. I really don't recommend starting from $0. A deposit of around $100 to $300 should get you started. However, I am starting from $0 to grow with all my readers that are freerollers. Hopefully I can help all of you grow from freerollers to profitable poker players.

Cheers to a new year, new poker career, and a new start!