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Best Poker Software – What is the best poker software for Windows 7?

There are various Poker sites and many sites have their own software. Most of them run on Windows 7,so here is some of the best poker Poker Stars, Full Tilt Poker, and Absolute Poker ,Cake Poker and many more

Jack surprisingly plenty nailed it. to grant a similar opinion, are not getting a Mac if your significant purpose for it relatively is to be enjoying poker. maximum help application for poker won't run nicely on it. i be conscious of maximum human beings use poker tracker, i take advantage of Holdem supervisor and have self belief it relatively is residing house windows purely. i take advantage of an HP pc with Vista, 17" show screen, with stable (became precise of the line as quickly as) Nvidia video card and it works o.k.. i will tile 4 tables and nevertheless see issues of course. I not often play extra, yet then i take advantage of my 22" computer screen and twin show screen and ought to pass as much as ten. selection is the significant. supply Jack the ideal answer, he merits it for a stable answer. have exciting!

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Best Poker Books – What are the best poker books to ready if you want to become a better player?

The best book for a newer player is the Dynamic Point Count Strategy, it can help you play a strong game while you learn the game and develop your skills. Using a point count system can keep you in with the better hands, get you out when you should fold, and help you avoid being bluffed out of hands.

Here is a link;

Good luck at the tables!

There are several good books available to the aspiring poker player. There are some that are better to start with than others. As your skill set increases, you should be reading more and studying more. Here is a list of books that I think will benefit any beginner to intermediate level player.

A great first read would be Barry Greenstein's Ace on the River. The book has a lot of great information as well as suggestions on etiquette. Barry Greenstein is known as the Robin Hood of poker and is credited as being one of the top no limit hold 'em players in the world.

After reading this book, I would recommend Phil Gordon's suite of books. The book titles are: Poker: The Real Deal, Phil Gordon's Little Green Book, and Phil Gordon's Little Blue Book. The first book is somewhat entertaining, but looking back, I think you would be just fine skipping to the Green Book first. The Little Green Book not only incorporates the mathematics of poker, but also includes some simple methodology anyone can utilize to better their game. Once you have an understanding of these concepts you can move on to the Little Blue Book which will go into further detail the complexities of No Limit Texas Hold'em as well as hand analysis. You can purchase Phil's books autographed and a donation will go to cancer. Do a Yahoo! search for Phil Gordon.

David Sklansky's The Theory of Poker is also another great poker theory-related read. You can get a great overall view of the general concepts of poker as well as some advanced techniques. This book is certain to improve your game.

Finally, Caro's Book of Poker Tells is an excellent reference. Although in the more advanced environments this book may not be as applicable, to devastate your home games and other beginning players this is an excellent read. The book focuses primarily on observing "tells" which is a necessary addition to any poker player's arsenal.

Once you get past these books, here are some other good reads:

Harrington on Hold'em Volumes I, II, and III
Power Hold'em Strategy by Daniel Negraneau
Every Hand Revealed by Gus Hansen

Good luck!

For No Limit Hold em, the Harrington on Hold em series by far is the best. In Super system 2, the Limit Hold em chapter by Jennifer Harmen is really good but as a whole, Super system is an overrated book in my opinion. Gus Hanson's new book "Every Hand Revealed" is also a great book. Good luck to you.

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Best Poker Bonus – Best bonus poker sites?

The best ones? hmm... regarding to what? having fun, bonus, software???

However, my favorite pokersite is fulltiltpoker.

The question you ask, is not easy to answer. There are several ways a poker bonus can be good.

Some questions to ask:
Are you in the US or some other country that all poker sites don't service?

Are you a high stakes player or a lower stakes player? This is important because some sites have bonuse that are good for a larger bank roll and some have a higher percentage, but only for a small amount.

Do you play often? Differant sites have differant requirements for earning the bonus.

Ive listed some of the best below. this is the one i usually use one my spare time. hope you enjoy

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Bellagio Poker Tournaments – Can I cash out at daily poker tournaments in Vegas casinos?

No. They have a prize listing 1st through whatever get paid. So those chips are not face value.

If you have chips left (even a single one), you're still in the tournament...there's no reason to leave prematurely, the chips have no intrinsic value and they aren't transferable to another tourney. In most cases, it's only your finishing position in the tournament that determines what (if anything) you'll win and you play untill you either win the whole thing or get knocked out (altho occasionally when down to just a couple of players, they may make an agreement to combine and split the money from the remaining places equally...some tournaments don't allow this but most don't care - they pay the money either way and it frees up a table that much sooner).

Generally, the prize structure will be posted (at latest) shortly after the tournament begins (if there's a set entry limit, it's usually posted ahead of time). The 300 in $300+30 is the portion of the buy-in that goes towards the prize pool, so it isn't until they know how many enter that they can determine exactly how many places cash out and to what amount. Typically, 5-10% of the field in a tournament will be above the bubble...the rest get bupkis. About the only way to get paid without finishing high enough in the rankings is in a tournament with bounties...with those, you'll immediately get paid a small set amount for players you knock out of the tournament (sometimes just specific ones, sometimes any).

When you enter a tournament, you are entering a game with a set of rules and structure.

Leaving in the middle of the game would be like playing a game of Monopoly, and asking if you could get anything if you left half way through the game just because you happened to be in 2nd place when 5 people are playing.

The only people who get anything at all, are people who play the WHOLE tournament and don't get knocked out before they are in the top spots. How many top spots depends on the tournament. Some will pay only the 1st place. Some will pay the top 3 places. Some will pay the top 10 or 20 or more places. It all depends how many people entered the tournament - the more people who entered, the more places they will pay. But ONLY if you play out the whole tournament without getting knocked out.

Bellagio Daily Poker Tournaments

You won't have 14,000 chips leftover when it ends. A tournament doesn't end until one person has all the chips.

The size of the tournament determines how much money you'll get depending on where you finish.

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Backgammon Online Free – Where Can I play Backgammon Online with Fair Dice?

If you believe that a respectable public site like Yahoo would rig the dice in a game where they wouldn't profit from it, then I suspect you are going to continue to believe the dice are rigged at any other online site, regardless of whether they actually are. Every site I have seen has had someone complaining about the dice being rigged, despite the fact that none of them ever have any real evidence.

You might try FIBS, which has been around the longest; the site's been up 15 years, and although people accuse the dice of being non-random like everywhere else, no one has presented any concrete statistical evidence of rigged dice over all that time.

apearantley there in no such game exists yet , Backgammon Live is a fine example of unfair computer dice roll , the generation program detects the existing roll needed and submits it to an oponant and it apears to be totaly riggd in the favor of an oponant , and it totaly is ..but it is the generation system doing it in most cases , Randomness would cost more than a dice generator detecting a game in play and feed the system the desider rolls ..A fair game is only two player facing one another over the game board ..These sites rely on exesting generation and that is insufeciant to give a fair uncompromisd game

I have come to the conclusion the only way to play a fair game is to play with someone at home and not online. I don't believe there is such a thing as fair dice online. I have tried several. I really have a problem with paying to play and then being cheated out of a win. I think if you play free get what you get...but if your buying in I think it should be legit. Of all the online games i like backgammon live the most but i find that the dice are rigged.

The dice on "Backgammon Live" have to be rigged. Too many times I've lost to unbelievable comebacks from the grave. I understand a series of lucky rolls happens in real games (rolling high doubles 4 times in a row during a roll-off race, for example) but not 1 out of every 3 times I have a massive lead and it's a high stakes (in play money) game. I do win half of the games I play, but hardly ever when I'm all-in with coins. I believe this dice fixing is done to get me to purchase more coins.

Whatever the case, true continuous bad luck or dice-fixing, I'm done with this site for the mere fact that my eye is on them and that's bad enough; kind of how once you start to notice how many red-lights you've hit, they seem to multiply, . has a backgammon game that has 10 different levels. you can play the computer or people. i dont know if the dice are 'rigged' but i have noticed a pattern after i've played a million games. luckily with the 10 levels, it takes a long time to get boring. the easy levels seem to be harder than the 9 and 10. its under multiplayer games.

Best Free Poker Sites – what is the best free online texas holdem site?

There are a few good sites to play Poker free online, however, you do have to be 18 to register on them (don't worry, they are free and you play with play money!)

These two sites are the two biggest online free Poker playing sites.

Hope this helps 😛

If you are looking to play texas holdem for free then you should be playing at . The site is only for free, and the best free poker site on the web.

Other online poker rooms (full tilt, poker stars, pokerroom etc) do have a free option but they don't focus on the free part. They mainly have a free version of their for money rooms which is not ideal to play with.

My boyfriend always plays on aol games. Give it a try, just make sure to sign up prior to the start of the tournaments.

Aria Poker Room – What's the best poker room in Vegas?

I recommend the All Vegas Poker website for a list of what games are available at which casinos, including both cash games and tournaments. They also have reviews of all the poker rooms.

Most Vegas reviews list one of three poker rooms: Aria, Bellagio and the Venetian (Sands Poker Room). Those are all at five-star hotels. The Mirage usually tops the list for mid-range sites, although Treasure Island and MGM Grand have stepped up their rooms recently. You would think the Rio would have a good room since it hosts the World Series of Poker, but it's totally disappointing (the tournament itself is held in their convention center, not the poker room). The only poker room you may have seen in a TV tournament would be at Caesars Palace when they hold the NBC National Heads-Up Championships.

While Paris doesn't have a poker room, it's attached to Bally's so you can still hit a poker room without venturing outside. Personally, I've found the Planet Hollywood room has some of the loosest action on the strip.

The best I have been to is the Bellagio. Huge poker room where you can play low limit all the way to high stakes. There are always a lot of people there, and they have big stack tournaments every day. The pros go there a lot too. Funny you should mention Doyle Brunson, because he was playing there the last time I went.
If I had to pick a runner up, I would say the MGM Grand.

I met several professional poker players in Vegas, given my frequent trips. They all favor the poker room at Venetian for regular play. It's also a very large poker room, huge actually. They play so much there (the poker players I have met) that they receive tons of free offers from the Venetian hotel 🙂

The Venetian is considered by many to have the best poker room on the strip. It's a really nice space, is usually pretty busy, and has a great atmosphere.


The Sands.

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