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Borgata Poker Blog – How much money should I bring to Atlantic City for 1 day?

Bring whatever you don't mind spending. A few hundred bucks will usually last awhile at $5-$10 a hand, but sometimes you'll lose that in an hour (or less). If you happen to lose it too fast, you can always just hang around, drop a 20 or two in a video poker machine (that'll last you an hour), or just watch whomever you're with play. By the time you play in your two poker tournaments and have dinner, you won't have to kill that much time playing blackjack, so just take whatever you're comfortable with losing. $550 or so will be plenty ($240 for poker, the rest for blackjack) but if you only feel like spending $100 at the blackjack table it's not like there's nothing else to do.

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Big Game Poker – what site is best for online poker, in the United states?

Hi, it is legal and there are loads of sites out there, it's best to play on a site that is part of a large network, that way you get more players at the table. The big sites will be back soon, but the networks are great too, i would go here... and check them out

They are legal but like you stated, there arent a lot of people there to play with. All of the sites that accept US players are like this. The big poker sites doesnt accept US players anymore.

Go here: Poker:

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Bluff Poker – What are the home poker laws in Arkansas?

Basic Social Gambling Guidelines

Let us briefly define the guidelines of a “home poker” or “social gambling” experience:

1. The host, or home owner, may not receive economic gain for hosting the game; only from personal winnings therein.
2. There can be no advantage to one player over another. All must have an equal opportunity to win.
3. The poker game must occur in a private setting, like within the home, or a private social club.

Arkansas strictly prohibits any form of gambling on card games, regardless of the location or value to one or more players, or the host. The law states: “If any person shall be guilty of betting any money or any valuable thing on any game of brag, bluff, poker, seven-up, three-up, twenty-one, vingt-et-un, thirteen cards, the odd trick, forty-five, whist, or at any other game at cards, known by any name now known to the law, or with any other or new name or without any name, he shall, on conviction be fined in any sum not less than ten dollars ($10.00) nor more than twenty-five dollars ($25.00).”

[Reference 1, Original .DOC Version:

Technically illegal - yes.

Likely to be busted - probably not unless you're less than circumspect about it. Unless you've been advertising the game, hold it in a public place or the cops are called for a noise complaint or the like, unlikely anyone would know or much care.

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Betfred Poker – Canadian Poker site with Paypal?

go here http://blackjackbettingstrategies.blogsp... and download Ultimatebet. It is the best for Canadians and is secure.

You cannot use PayPal to make a deposit on any gambling site.

They passed a law two years ago called the UIGEA (unlawful internet gambling enforcement act), which prohibits transferring funds from an American financial institution to a gambling site (with very few exceptions). PayPal is an American company and is publicly traded (it is owned by eBay), and publicly traded companies tend to be very cautious when interpreting the law.

Your best bet is to make a deposit using a credit card at Full Tilt Poker or Poker Stars (go to their .com web sites). You can cash out via check or bank wire transfer.

Betfred Poker is on the market since 2004. Also Betfred is part of the iPoker network and the online pokerroom of a large UK independent bookmaker. This site is graphically very well and has a fast and smooth feel to the poker games. Bonus is 100% high as $ 600!so betfred it is you go there.

There arent any Canadian sites really, I believe Titan Poker works in Canada.

But make sure you just get a good site, highly most of them use Paypal. I recommend, Partypoker first, many Canadians there, then Pokerstars and Titan

Party poker good choice

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Bicycle Poker Chips – what is he origin of the bicycle playing card decks?

Bicycle Playing Cards have been manufactured by the The United States Playing Card Company since 1885. "Bicycle" is a trademark of that company.They have been the best selling playing card brand in the world for over 100 years.

The United States Playing Card Company, started in 1867, produces and distributes playing cards, including BEE, Bicycle Playing Cards, AVIATOR and HOYLE, and other playing card accessories, like poker chips. The privately held company is based in Cincinnati, Ohio. For over a hundred years, BICYCLE brand cards have been the top selling playing card brand in the world.

Playing Card Origin

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Best Poker Hands – What Are The Best Hands In Poker?

I think your question is what are the best starting hands for Texas Hold'em...............

This list was something Phil Hellmuth put out as the top ten starting hands for a Hold'em No Limit Tournament.


As a place to start, it is a good list, but as you become more experienced you will add to this list.

Statistically a pair in your hand is 50% or better to win against any other non-pair hand when played all the way to the river. This includes 22 vs AK (which is basically 50-50).

AK is considered a very good starting hand in No-Limit as it is only dominated by two other hands, AA and KK. Even against a smaller pair like JJ it is only a small underdog (depending on suits and details 47% chance to win vs. the JJ 53%) and is a significant favorite over any other non-pair hand.

A small pair can be dangerous, because if someone has a larger pair you are a big underdog and likely to win less then 20% of the time. That is why in Phil's list AK and AQ are listed above pairs 6 and lower.

Have Fun!

Here is a list of possible poker hands from the best and highest value down to the lowest:

Full House
A full house is a five-card combination of three of a kind and a pair, such as K-K-K-2-2. When there are two full houses, the winner is the hand with the higher ranking three of a kind. An example would be J-J-J-5-5 would beat 9-9-9-A-A. In wild card games, two players could theoretically be holding the same exact full house, in which case they would tie and split the pot, but this is extremely rare.

A flush is a hand in which all of the cards are of the same suit, such as A-J-9-7-5, all of diamonds. When two or more players hold a flush, the winning hand is determined by the highest card(s) within the flushes. If two flushes have the same high card, the next highest card is the deciding factor, and so on.

A straight consists of five consecutively-ordered cards that are not suited (they can be any combination of the four suits). An example of a straight is 2-3-4-5-6. The ace can either be high or low, so both A-2-3-4-5 and 10-J-Q-K-A are straights. Wraparounds are not allowed (i.e., K-A-2-3-4 is NOT a straight). When multiple players hold straights, the straight with the highest card(s) wins Thus, K-Q-J-10-9 would beat 5-4-3-2-A. If two straights have the same high card, the next highest card is the deciding factor, and so on. If two straits have exactly the same value, the pot is split.

Three of a Kind
Somebody holding three of a kind has three cards of the same rank with the remaining cards not being a pair (as having a pair in addition to a three of a kind would constitute a full house). Once again, the highest ranking three of a kind would win if multiple players have three of a kind. If two players have equal three of a kinds (only possible in a wild card game), then the highest remaining card in either players hands (the kicker) would determine the pot's winner.

Two Pair
Two distinct pairs of cards and a fifth card. In the event of multiple two-pair hands, the winning hand is determined by the highest pair in a hand. The player with the highest ranking pair wins. If both hands have the same high pair, the winning hand is determined by the second pair. If both hands have the same pairs, the high card (kicker) determines the hand's winner.

One Pair
A hand with two of the same ranking card along with three other distinct cards. In the event that more than one player is holding a pair, the person with the highest ranking pair wins. A high card (kicker) breaks ties.

High Card
When a hand has none of the above card combinations (i.e., nobody is holding even a pair), then the winner is determined by examining the highest card in each player's hand. The player holding the highest ranking card wins. If there is a tie for the high card then the next highest card in each of the tying hands determines the pot's winner, and so on, until the fifth card, unless there is an absolute tie. The High Card (kicker) rule is also used to break ties when higher hands both have the same type of hand (pair, straight, etc.).

If there are other things about poker you want to know you can go to which is where i got the hand rankings from, there are heaps of other sections on the site about rules and stuff too.

Obviously, a royal flush has the best chance to win since (barring wild cards) no other hand can beat it. The hand with the best chance to win a lot is a small pair that hits a set on the flop.

royal flush
straight flush
4 of a kind
full house
3 of a kind
2 pairs
1 pair
high card

royal flush kills all but depending on what has been put on the table can change the odds of how good your hand is

3 of a kind + is usually a victory, but this game relies heavily on luck, so make sure u know what your doing before you put the money in

eg. if there is 4 cards of the same suit on the table, it is very likely that someone has a flush, so dont go in if you have a 3 of a kind

Hey guys!
I've read about a strategy and Best Poker Hands and I think that the most popular hands will be AA, AK, KK

Fold, Fold and Fold back. you are the chip chief you don;t could desire to make a questionable call to stay interior the game. regardless of in case you had him beat enable him push you off it is not properly well worth the completed tourny life. As yet another poster positioned it you're searching for for motives to fold or advance no longer motives to call.

the good thing about poker? can "bluff" if you have garbage

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Best Poker Cards – What are the best poker playing cards available?

The plastic cards are called k.e.m cards, they use them because they are hard to mark so others can't cheat. The k.e.m cards are expensive, I've seen them go for as much as 15 bucks per pack, but they are durable so they last a long time and like i said they are hard to mark as well. You can find them on-line at www.gamblers general store .com, they are located in Las Vegas and have been around for a very long time, they also sell poker tables and anything that has to do with gambling.

All-plastic Kem cards are generally considered the cream of the crop, but you should expect to pay about $20 for a 2-deck setup. Copag and Gemaco also make all-plastic cards that typically cost a few bucks less.

Personally, I'm perfectly happy with casino-grade blackjack cards, which typically are linen-paper cards with a plastic coating. You can pick up used casino cards at most casinos for about $3 for 2 decks. They're also available on eBay, but usually cost a little more. You can also find UNUSED casino cards on eBay, usually costing around $20 for 10 decks.

I will agree with sincity on this one. Kem cards are amazing. In our tourneys we play the regular tables with run-of-the-mill cards but when we get to final table we use the kem cards...we only use them for final becuase of the price tag on them. Which, like sincity said is somewhere around $15 a pack we I am at.

JUMBO Poker Cards

KEMs are the best I have seen/used.. although for really cheap cards Bicycles are decent.


well one of my friends has WPT cards, those are pretty nice. and i have a deck of pink circus circus card also nice but really any cards are fine

You can't go wrong with KEM cards.

Hoyle are fine enough


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