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Cheap Poker Tables – Does Anyone Know What The Three Fold Poker Tables Are Like? Are They Of Good Quality?

I've seen them. Some of them are OK... they "rail" and cupholders are deep enough to place a drink. Some are really thin, and it's like putting a drink on a flat surface.

Also, check the felt. Some of the table surfaces are really hard, which sometimes makes it harder to get under your cards to pick them off of the table. Some of them are good, though.

Lastly, whenever there's a fold in the table, there's a chance for the table to get misaligned (almost creating a ramp or a barrier). When dealing over the "ramp", sometimes the cards will turn over, causing a mis-deal.

So, a three-fold table has the possibility of two of these ramps or barriers.

Personally, I'd prefer a full table (non-folding), or a single-fold table. There are blueprints/plans on the internet where you can make a really nice table yourself, and not have to worry about the folds.

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Borgata Poker Blog – How much money should I bring to Atlantic City for 1 day?

Bring whatever you don't mind spending. A few hundred bucks will usually last awhile at $5-$10 a hand, but sometimes you'll lose that in an hour (or less). If you happen to lose it too fast, you can always just hang around, drop a 20 or two in a video poker machine (that'll last you an hour), or just watch whomever you're with play. By the time you play in your two poker tournaments and have dinner, you won't have to kill that much time playing blackjack, so just take whatever you're comfortable with losing. $550 or so will be plenty ($240 for poker, the rest for blackjack) but if you only feel like spending $100 at the blackjack table it's not like there's nothing else to do.

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Big Game Poker – what site is best for online poker, in the United states?

Hi, it is legal and there are loads of sites out there, it's best to play on a site that is part of a large network, that way you get more players at the table. The big sites will be back soon, but the networks are great too, i would go here... and check them out

They are legal but like you stated, there arent a lot of people there to play with. All of the sites that accept US players are like this. The big poker sites doesnt accept US players anymore.

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