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Bankroll Management

Whether you have just started playing poker or are an experienced player, it is really important to make yourself familiar with the basics of poker bankroll management. Bankroll management becomes even more essential if you are playing in aggressive mode. Having some rules in place can actually help your game as a whole as it can remove a lot of the stress, stress that may show as tells (obviously not so important in online poker, well unless you're playing video poker).

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Let It Ride Poker

3 months with no updates, what the hell is going on?! Basically (and I know this is the standard excuse of all bloggers) I've had no time. Not no time for blogging but no time to get into anything serious poker wise to talk about. The joys of working for yourself, it's not all going to the gym and messing about online. Saying that I have been dipping in and out of something called Let it Ride (it's very quick and simple) so thought I'd share it.

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Learn To Play Omaha Poker

I've been accused plenty of times in the past of being simple! So what better way to start than with a really simple post about how to play Omaha poker.  Why Omaha?  Because I think that most people know the how to play Texas Hold'em (though if you don't drop a comment and I'll explain) and from what I've seen Omaha is right up there amongst the other most played games online, yet up until a couple of weeks ago I'll admit I didn't know how to play it! I'm quite new to online poker (I've done my fair share of real games) but I noticed there were a few Omaha freerolls going a begging. The wife plays a lot so I asked her to explain.  If you've ever been too afraid to ask how to play Omaha poker then this post is just for you!

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