Caribbean Poker – Winning at Caribbean Stud Poker – Made Easy!

In truth, caribbean poker is not poker at all, but a casino game based on poker. You play against the casino, as in blackjack, not other players. As you could expect, the odds favor the casino not the player, but you can tilt them in your favor my some clever strategy

Playing Caribbean Stud Poker.

To begin you ante and you and the dealer get five cards each. After you have seen your hand and the dealer's first card you must then:

(a) make what is called a 'call bet', which will increase your stake by an amount equal to twice your original ante, or

(b) 'surrender', in which case you lose, and the dealer takes your ante.

If you have made a call bet, then the following can happen after the dealer shows his cards;

o If the dealer does not have an ace of a king, or better in his hand, your bet is returned, plus an amount equal to the ante.

o If the dealer has an ace or a king, or better, you win if your hand beats the dealers (usual poker hand ranks apply).

A typical casino will pay out even money on your ante and fixed odds on your call bet as follows, but each casino varies:

o Even pay out for a pair or high card

o 2 to 1 for 2 pairs

o 3 to 1 for 3 of a kind

o 4 to 1 for a straight

o 5 to 1 for a flush

o 7 to 1 for a full house

o 20 to 1 for a four of a kind

o 50 to 1 for a straight flush

o 100 to 1 for a royal flush

o However, If the dealer has an ace or a king, or better, and your hand is worse than the dealer's, you lose your ante and call bet.

This is a form of "stud poker", meaning what's in your hand is in your hand.

However, some casino will allow you to "buy a card" before you raise the ante into the call bet.

The odds are against you in this procedure, but indeed, that special card may arrive.

Winning Strategy at Caribbean Stud Poker

A general strategy for this game has not yet appeared, and so, there are two important rules to follow that will help you formulate your own winning strategy.

1. Always raise when you have a pair or higher.

2. Always fold with less than the dealer's qualifying hand (ace and king)

But if you always raise with a pair or higher, and fold with less than ace and king, you might consider raising with the ace and king if :

1. The dealer's shown card is a 2 through queen and matches one of yours.

2. The dealer's shown card is an ace or king and you have a queen or jack in your hand.

Caribbean Stud Poker is not for everyone, but its easy to play and following the few rules we have given, relatively easy to win at carribean stud poker

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