Buy Poker Set – Clay or Plastic Poker Chips – Which are Best for the Consumer?

With poker and various poker style games more popular than ever, consumers are flocking to specialty stores, and websites to purchase poker accessories. The question often arise whether one should spend $100+ for a clay poker set, or opt for $20 plastic set.

First let's examine the characteristics of a poker chip. The three key ones are: weight, feel, and durability. The biggest price difference has a direct correlation with weight; the heavier the chip, the pricier it is. Clay poker chips typically weight in at 9 grams+, and consequently cost more than plastic. Plastic chips often are less than 4 grams, but can be purchased for under $0.10/chip. But what advantages do heavier chips provide? Well, they will not bounce on a table when a bet is placed, enable those so inclined to shuffle poker chips (a trick that takes much practice), and stay easily stacked.

Price is not everything, since if the chips do not feel right, or are easily broken, the consumer will be frustrated and the chips not fully utilised. Feel is highly subjective, but plastic chips have a definite disadvantage of feeling like coming from a 'toy store', but both plastic and clay are relatively durable. Clay will offer further flexibility if you want to customize (either by stamping or labelling), again for a price. For further information, don't hesitate to check out our website.

Most serious enthusiasts will decide in favour of a clay, or clay composite poker chip set. A clay set will provide years of enjoyment, and truly add to the ambience of a poker night. Plastic poker chips have their place, but if you a serious player, don't even consider them in your purchase.

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