Boost your online bankroll with the help of rakeback

The difference between online casinos and poker rooms is that the online poker rooms do not have a house advantage in order to withdraw their winnings. This is why online poker rooms in order to be profitable, collect the money as rake (which is a fee paid at every online poker game, which is taken away from the pot). Each and every online poker room has a different rake amount. But the usual amount is around 5-10% and up to $3 from each pot. If you are an online poker player you must certainly have heard of poker rakeback. There are many online poker websites out there that are offering rakeback as an incentive to get you to sign up for an online poker room. In case you want to take full advantage of the rakeback offers you are signing up it’s best that you know the following things about this type of offer.

What is Rakeback? What does it mean and how it works?
Rakeback represents a percentage of the rake which is going to be paid back to you by an rakeback provider site or directly by an online poker room. The rakeback percentage is usually determined by the rakeback provider and it can sometimes by up to 30% of the total amount of rake that you contribute at each and every pot. For example all online rakeback providers are offering 27% rakeback if you sign up for Full Tilt Poker.

There are two main methods to calculate the rakeback you will receive. Depending on what is your current game play style (tight or loose) you can select the right one.

What is the difference between Contributed Rakeback and Dealt Rakeback?
The two different rakeback calculation methods are the contributed and the dealt. Here we are going to explain how each of them is calculated so that you will select the right one for your current game style.

The dealt rakeback method is calculated as an equal percentage which is taken from all the players that are participating at that hand. So if there are 5 players in the pot, each of them will be counted as they have contributed with 20% of the total rake amount. This way no matter how much they have contributed they will be given 20% since the calculation is going to be made like this.

In order to benefit from the contributed rakeback method you must be a tight player. Many of the tight players are usually very picky when selecting the hands they are playing. This way they will get credit of a good percentage of the rake while just throwing the blinds, the moment they are required to do that.

The contributed rakeback method is a more exact method of calculating the amount of money you will be receiving. This method is actually very simple, you will be credited with the exact contribution that you have paid to the rake. This is why the players that tend to play a loose game are finding this method right for them. This way they are going to find and gain a lot more from a rakeback deal.

The rakeback is going to be calculated in real time by the online poker room, and it’s going to be credited to you for each and every hand that you play where you do have to pay some rake. Most online poker rooms or rakeback providers are giving out the rakeback to players once per month.

A rakeback deal could help you save thousands of dollars in case you are a professional online poker player and at the end of each month your online poker bankroll will see a nice boost.

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