Bodog Freeroll

Bodog poker offers a deposit bonus of 110% up to $500. However, some people don't want to deposit into a online poker room. They prefer to start their bankroll from $0. I have no idea why and I am not going to try to understand it. What I am going to do is explain how you can start a bankroll on bodog with $0 for those of you that want to take on this challenge. First click here to signup to bodog poker and make sure you use the referral code: 3209651

Bodog runs 2 daily $500 no limit texas holdem freeroll tournaments. Maximum amount of poker players is 5,000. So I hope you have the skills and the mindset to play in long tournaments. The first bodog freeroll is at 2:40pm est and the second freeroll is at 9:40pm est. Like most people I work during the first freeroll tournament even though I work at home. I don't have the time nor do I remember the freeroll tournament until its too late to play in it. Some days when I remember, I check what I have to do for that day and if its pretty clear. Ill take the time to play in it.

Here's a few things you should have ready before the tourney begins. You should have something to eat. Something you know you can eat on for an hour before you have to get some more. Something to drink, remember not to pick a drink that runs right through you. Don't want to rush to the restroom while in a big pot. So make sure it's something that you can make it to the break. Have some music ready to play, once you get the boring feeling coming, play your music to keep things fun.

Like I said before this is going to be a long tournament. Only the top 63 positions get paid. I am not going to name the payouts position by position. I will get your mouth wet with this, first place is $120. So the time spent playing in the bodog freeroll tournament is well worth it until most freeroll tournaments held by other online poker rooms. Bodog freerolls can get your bankroll started. However, its on you to use bankroll management to not go busto and be back into the bodog freerolls grinding it out for hours trying to place in cash.

If you have already joined bodog, click here to download bodog software and play to win your first bodog freeroll tournament. Don't be shy, let us know all about how much you win.

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