Big Rummy Tournament Coming Up!

I know my blog is all about poker. This news is just too big to not tell you guys and gals. It just wouldn't be fair. Rummy is one of the most played card games around the world. I am sure at least one of you want into this tournament. The money is just too big to pass up.

Online Forum Challenge and Rummy Royal are doing a $30K guaranteed main event qualifier freeroll this Thursday. No pre-registration is required like all the other tournaments. Even though I would love for you all to represent the poker commercials forum in all the OFC events. Well at least the freeroll events.

Anyways, the only thing you need is to sign up to rummy royal and enter the password to get into the $30K guaranteed main event qualifier freeroll rummy tournament. <<< click here for password and please signup to the forum.

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