Best Poker Sites – Busiest Online Poker Sites

One thing that all of the top sites have in common is that they all have plenty of players playing poker for real money. An online poker room isn't going to be successful unless they can keep players at the table. I'm sure you'd never join a poker room with only a few tables running at a time and you'd have a good reason.

Today I've taken a look at several sites that track poker sites around the world to see how busy poker rooms are. I have come up with a list of the busiest online sites and these are all great poker rooms to play with. I've played with many of these sites in the past and still play with all of the top 3 poker sites on the list.

If you're a new player then you should definitely consider joining one of the top sites because you'll be able to find hundreds of other new players to compete against. Here is the list of the top 5 poker sites based on how busy they are on a daily basis.

PokerStars - USA Players Accepted - 30,000 Players on Average

Full Tilt Poker - USA Players Accepted - 16500 Players on Average

Party Poker - USA Players not Accepted - 3700 Players on Average

iPoker Network - USA Players not Accepted - 3500 Players on Average

OnGame Network - USA Players not Accepted - 2500 Players on Average

I prefer playing with sites that run on their own software and network, which is why I play with the top three poker skins listed above. iPoker and OnGame are both huge networks with many poker skins apart of the network and they don't even come close in terms of traffic to the three giants in the industry. If thousands of people are already playing with the brands listed above, you can rest assured that they're safe and secure.

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