Best Poker Site – Is bet365 a good site?

I'm looking for a good, reliable betting site and I heard that bet365 is one. Is that true?

It certainly is !!!
If you are a good bettor, especially with parlays, there is no better site than bet365. Although there is not even a single link to them, sports betting section of presents some personal winning results from them.

365 is reliable site, but however it is a normal sportsbetting bookie that will always make the odds in their favor. I suggest you to try BF where I play from 2 years may be, there the odds are made by people, you bet against people, which makes the odds very good for you, that means you have a better chance to win money there. You can find info here…

Yea it kicks, its the best poker site also. But i would highly recommend, u will get better odds every single time. Takes a while 2 understand it, but its all worth while

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