Best Poker Cards – What are the best poker playing cards available?

The plastic cards are called k.e.m cards, they use them because they are hard to mark so others can't cheat. The k.e.m cards are expensive, I've seen them go for as much as 15 bucks per pack, but they are durable so they last a long time and like i said they are hard to mark as well. You can find them on-line at www.gamblers general store .com, they are located in Las Vegas and have been around for a very long time, they also sell poker tables and anything that has to do with gambling.

All-plastic Kem cards are generally considered the cream of the crop, but you should expect to pay about $20 for a 2-deck setup. Copag and Gemaco also make all-plastic cards that typically cost a few bucks less.

Personally, I'm perfectly happy with casino-grade blackjack cards, which typically are linen-paper cards with a plastic coating. You can pick up used casino cards at most casinos for about $3 for 2 decks. They're also available on eBay, but usually cost a little more. You can also find UNUSED casino cards on eBay, usually costing around $20 for 10 decks.

I will agree with sincity on this one. Kem cards are amazing. In our tourneys we play the regular tables with run-of-the-mill cards but when we get to final table we use the kem cards...we only use them for final becuase of the price tag on them. Which, like sincity said is somewhere around $15 a pack we I am at.

JUMBO Poker Cards

KEMs are the best I have seen/used.. although for really cheap cards Bicycles are decent.


well one of my friends has WPT cards, those are pretty nice. and i have a deck of pink circus circus card also nice but really any cards are fine

You can't go wrong with KEM cards.

Hoyle are fine enough


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