Bellagio Poker Tournaments – Can I cash out at daily poker tournaments in Vegas casinos?

No. They have a prize listing 1st through whatever get paid. So those chips are not face value.

If you have chips left (even a single one), you're still in the tournament...there's no reason to leave prematurely, the chips have no intrinsic value and they aren't transferable to another tourney. In most cases, it's only your finishing position in the tournament that determines what (if anything) you'll win and you play untill you either win the whole thing or get knocked out (altho occasionally when down to just a couple of players, they may make an agreement to combine and split the money from the remaining places equally...some tournaments don't allow this but most don't care - they pay the money either way and it frees up a table that much sooner).

Generally, the prize structure will be posted (at latest) shortly after the tournament begins (if there's a set entry limit, it's usually posted ahead of time). The 300 in $300+30 is the portion of the buy-in that goes towards the prize pool, so it isn't until they know how many enter that they can determine exactly how many places cash out and to what amount. Typically, 5-10% of the field in a tournament will be above the bubble...the rest get bupkis. About the only way to get paid without finishing high enough in the rankings is in a tournament with bounties...with those, you'll immediately get paid a small set amount for players you knock out of the tournament (sometimes just specific ones, sometimes any).

When you enter a tournament, you are entering a game with a set of rules and structure.

Leaving in the middle of the game would be like playing a game of Monopoly, and asking if you could get anything if you left half way through the game just because you happened to be in 2nd place when 5 people are playing.

The only people who get anything at all, are people who play the WHOLE tournament and don't get knocked out before they are in the top spots. How many top spots depends on the tournament. Some will pay only the 1st place. Some will pay the top 3 places. Some will pay the top 10 or 20 or more places. It all depends how many people entered the tournament - the more people who entered, the more places they will pay. But ONLY if you play out the whole tournament without getting knocked out.

Bellagio Daily Poker Tournaments

You won't have 14,000 chips leftover when it ends. A tournament doesn't end until one person has all the chips.

The size of the tournament determines how much money you'll get depending on where you finish.

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