Bankroll Management

Whether you have just started playing poker or are an experienced player, it is really important to make yourself familiar with the basics of poker bankroll management. Bankroll management becomes even more essential if you are playing in aggressive mode. Having some rules in place can actually help your game as a whole as it can remove a lot of the stress, stress that may show as tells (obviously not so important in online poker, well unless you're playing video poker).

Your bankroll is actually the money you can afford to lose. This amount you have, of course, saved to play poker only. Spending your rent money on a game of poker isn't going to bring out the best in your game. It's also wise to manage your bankroll for different games. For instance, you may need to save different amounts for NL/PL cash, single table, multiple table, FL game, tournament and others. Let your bankroll limit the amount you should risk in playing poker. Remember, short fuses do affect the game in long run. You must be able to surmise about the track of the game. Where you are heading towards must never be fuzzy!

Some Basic Bankroll Management Guidelines

For beginners the feasible ratio or bankroll management could be like 5% for NL/PL cash, 2% for multi table tournament and 5% for single table. If your game is taking 10% of bankroll in a single table game, then do not hesitate to quit the game immediately. Experts say that the player should never invest more than 5% of their bankroll for a Sit and Go game. In a sit and go game the truth is you'll usually get a feel for things very early on, and much like chasing straights and flushes recovering your bankroll can become more about wishful thinking than logic. Set yourself some ground rules before hand and you'll feel much better for it in the long run.

The worst thing you can do being a beginner is to go broke too quick. The quickest way to do this is to land on a table where you're net getting the rub of the green but insist on sitting it out. For a beginner poker should be fun, not a hardship. I suppose the final piece of the puzzle that many people overlook is matching the table stakes to your bankroll. I've played a lot of tables where new players have joined with a bankroll of $10 or less on a table with $1/$2 blinds. How are you supposed to play well and bet freely when you are so limited? A $0.25/$0.50 table would be much more productive in letting you relax and enjoy the flow of the game.

Bankroll management is just as important as learning the winning hands. Get a grip of it early on and you'll enjoy playing poke a whole lot more.

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