Bankroll For Learning

Since I decided to take my poker learning seriously. I put money on cake poker and full tilt poker just for learning. Before deciding on which poker games I would like to focus on learning. I took the time to play many different games. Cash games, sit n go's, heads up, and tournaments. One thing I notice from playing all those games is I really like cash games and tournaments.

The reason I like cash games is I play very little hands and win big pots. Although some times I play too aggressive when I think I have the win for a very large pot and end up losing most of what I won in the last hour. This is why poker training is very important and having the bankroll to do so.

The reason I like tournaments is really simple. You have a set amount you can lose vs cash games sitting at the table with whatever you want. The payouts of tournaments are really big. Although it does take some time to win or even cash in a tournament. It is still well worth it. Plus winning big tournaments can result in winning a seat at one of the major live tournament events.

Now my problem with sit n go's and heads up. Sit n go's I really don't have a problem with them. When I first started playing poker sit n go's was the only games I could win. I even won 8 in a row once. Only if I did that on minted poker I would be a millionaire right now. Now heads up I below through around $50 before I realize heads up play is just not my thing. Don't get me wrong, I don't lose every time I play a heads up but one on one is just not for me.

All in all, I have learned something over the past week. Cash games and tournaments is the way to go for me. Now back to my poker training and playing. I will keep you all updated on how its going or Ill just wait until the monthly poker stats report. Anyways, if you want to improve your poker skills. You can buy your membership to outstandingpoker or get free poker training. It doesn't really matter how you learn as long as you improve your poker skills. Cheers!

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