Bad Day Of Poker

The title says it all. What a day of poker I had yesterday. Went bust at Pokerstars and lost a bit on Cake Poker. Lucky, I decided to stop playing poker and leave the house for a bit. When I got back, I wasn't in the mood to play poker. Now that I only have a small bankroll sitting on Cake Poker. I think it's time to really crack down on my playing times and only play poker when I am in the mood to play.

I think I lost far too much money playing no limit holdem, limit holdem, and pot limit omaha over the past year. So I will be grinding it out with my small bankroll and see where it takes me. If I go bust, I will be taking a break from depositing more money and just play freeroll tournaments just for fun. Once I return from my break of just playing for fun.

I will select a poker room, make a nice size deposit, and really focus on building my limit holdem poker career. However, since I am one not to give up. I will push my small bankroll on Cake Poker as far as I can take it. Hopefully, I will build it up to a solid bankroll and focus on my limit holdem poker career. Either way, I will be focusing on my limit holdem career one way or another.

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