Backgammon Online Free – Where Can I play Backgammon Online with Fair Dice?

If you believe that a respectable public site like Yahoo would rig the dice in a game where they wouldn't profit from it, then I suspect you are going to continue to believe the dice are rigged at any other online site, regardless of whether they actually are. Every site I have seen has had someone complaining about the dice being rigged, despite the fact that none of them ever have any real evidence.

You might try FIBS, which has been around the longest; the site's been up 15 years, and although people accuse the dice of being non-random like everywhere else, no one has presented any concrete statistical evidence of rigged dice over all that time.

apearantley there in no such game exists yet , Backgammon Live is a fine example of unfair computer dice roll , the generation program detects the existing roll needed and submits it to an oponant and it apears to be totaly riggd in the favor of an oponant , and it totaly is ..but it is the generation system doing it in most cases , Randomness would cost more than a dice generator detecting a game in play and feed the system the desider rolls ..A fair game is only two player facing one another over the game board ..These sites rely on exesting generation and that is insufeciant to give a fair uncompromisd game

I have come to the conclusion the only way to play a fair game is to play with someone at home and not online. I don't believe there is such a thing as fair dice online. I have tried several. I really have a problem with paying to play and then being cheated out of a win. I think if you play free get what you get...but if your buying in I think it should be legit. Of all the online games i like backgammon live the most but i find that the dice are rigged.

The dice on "Backgammon Live" have to be rigged. Too many times I've lost to unbelievable comebacks from the grave. I understand a series of lucky rolls happens in real games (rolling high doubles 4 times in a row during a roll-off race, for example) but not 1 out of every 3 times I have a massive lead and it's a high stakes (in play money) game. I do win half of the games I play, but hardly ever when I'm all-in with coins. I believe this dice fixing is done to get me to purchase more coins.

Whatever the case, true continuous bad luck or dice-fixing, I'm done with this site for the mere fact that my eye is on them and that's bad enough; kind of how once you start to notice how many red-lights you've hit, they seem to multiply, . has a backgammon game that has 10 different levels. you can play the computer or people. i dont know if the dice are 'rigged' but i have noticed a pattern after i've played a million games. luckily with the 10 levels, it takes a long time to get boring. the easy levels seem to be harder than the 9 and 10. its under multiplayer games.

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  1. Carl Martin Reply

    Yeah exactly man the only way to play a fair game is to play with someone at home and not online.And i fully agreed with you that there is not such a thing as fair dice online. thanks for sharing the post. 🙂

  2. Johan Reply

    Jag är helt enig! Det är dock jävligt irriterande när man spelar mot någon som inte kan spelet ännu och helt enkelt ser hur tärning helt bestämmer eller som sitter inne och inte på 10-12 slag får den ända siffra man behöver aldrig dyker upp. Ja ja, det är vad det är och man får ta det för vad det är. Oavsett så är det kul att kunna spela utan att ha någon fysisk person att spela med. Länge leve Back Gammon, fantastiskt spel!

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