Aria Poker Room – What's the best poker room in Vegas?

I recommend the All Vegas Poker website for a list of what games are available at which casinos, including both cash games and tournaments. They also have reviews of all the poker rooms.

Most Vegas reviews list one of three poker rooms: Aria, Bellagio and the Venetian (Sands Poker Room). Those are all at five-star hotels. The Mirage usually tops the list for mid-range sites, although Treasure Island and MGM Grand have stepped up their rooms recently. You would think the Rio would have a good room since it hosts the World Series of Poker, but it's totally disappointing (the tournament itself is held in their convention center, not the poker room). The only poker room you may have seen in a TV tournament would be at Caesars Palace when they hold the NBC National Heads-Up Championships.

While Paris doesn't have a poker room, it's attached to Bally's so you can still hit a poker room without venturing outside. Personally, I've found the Planet Hollywood room has some of the loosest action on the strip.

The best I have been to is the Bellagio. Huge poker room where you can play low limit all the way to high stakes. There are always a lot of people there, and they have big stack tournaments every day. The pros go there a lot too. Funny you should mention Doyle Brunson, because he was playing there the last time I went.
If I had to pick a runner up, I would say the MGM Grand.

I met several professional poker players in Vegas, given my frequent trips. They all favor the poker room at Venetian for regular play. It's also a very large poker room, huge actually. They play so much there (the poker players I have met) that they receive tons of free offers from the Venetian hotel 🙂

The Venetian is considered by many to have the best poker room on the strip. It's a really nice space, is usually pretty busy, and has a great atmosphere.


The Sands.

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