2-7 Triple Draw Guide

2-7 Triple Draw is a variation of Five Card Draw poker with a couple of exciting twists. The major difference is the games objective. In 5 Card Draw you want the highest hand but in 2-7 Triple Draw poker you want the lowest. There are several rules you should be aware of before you hit the tables, but we will get to that later in this article. The "Triple Draw' in this card game's name comes from the fact that players have three chances to draw cards.

2-7 Triple Draw is a very misunderstood game despite a huge increase in popularity due to the inception of 8 Game Mix at Pokerstars, the only mixed poker game that includes 27 Triple Draw. As of February 2010, Pokerstars is the only online poker room that offers 2-7 Triple Draw that boasts enough traffic to make the game playable.

In late 2009 the traffic at the Triple Draw tables grew by roughly 300% and the action is softer than it has ever been due to the influx of inexperienced players. Don't go rushing towards a 2-7 Triple Draw table just yet though. Let's go over the 2-7 Triple Draw rules and some basic strategies to get you ready.

2-7 Triple Draw Rules

This game uses Blinds just like Texas Hold'em and Omaha poker, and it is available in fixed and no limit formats. As a new player I would suggest that you start off at the fixed limit 2-7 Triple Draw tables so your mistakes won't be too costly. Each player is dealt five cards and the action starts with the player to the right of the Big Blind. As I mentioned above the object of the game is to get the lowest hand but there are two rules you should always keep in mind:

  • Aces are high, which is bad!
  • Straights and flushes count, which is worse!

After each player receives their initial hand there is a chance to bet. After that there is a drawing round. You can draw 0-5 cards during each of the drawing periods. After each draw there is a bet and after the third draw the player with the lowest hand wins. Here is a list of the top 3 hands in 2-7 Triple Draw poker:

  • 23457
  • 23467
  • 23567

2-7 Triple Draw Strategy

The main 2-7 Triple Draw strategies I want to discuss are hand selection, position, and bluffing. Hand selection is the most important aspect you should be thinking about. I typically only play hands with 3 or more cards of 8 or less.

The number of players in the hand and your position at the table are important factors you should consider when choosing hands so there is no set hand range you should play. If you start off with 4 or 5 cards of 8 or less you should always raise pre-draw.

As you can imagine there is a lot of chasing in 2-7 Triple Draw, this is where bluffing comes in. If another player draws 2 cards during the first two drawing periods and one card on the last it is easy to steal the pot. The odds of him catching a pair or a high card are roughly 50/50 so bluffing comes in quite handy.

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