Also, can you get the cams seperately? How much do they cost if bought separately?

Do you have to be a part of a casino to use them?

Yes, you can spend $20,000 for a table if you wanted to but you can still buy a table with the camera option for under $2000.

You can pick the cameras from eBay for around $200 each.

Below is a website where you can buy your own table for $1000 and add the camera features.

Good luck.

Those are specially manufactured tables and run about $15,000 to build. Cameras are an extra. The average person on the street can't afford it so casino's are the only ones who do use them unless a movie or TV prop.

I don't know about any cameras but the table go for 3-4 grand, just go on eBay and you can look at some examples. I myself have a very simple 105 inch poker table that i payed 1500.00 dollars for. It is all i need to play, but the more fancey the table, the more money you will pay out for it.